Open Projects

Unity’s first open source development program encourages you to pool your talent and work as a team to create a game. Embark on the journey with us.

Contribute to a game project, watch it grow

Unity Open Projects is a collaborative initiative where Unity and the developer community come together to create small open source games. Contribute to a project or follow its progress, and get real experience of what a development project is like.

A realistic gamedev journey

Projects evolve. Teams adapt. Just as in the real world, challenges arise, and effectively meeting them depends on input from everybody. It’s a truly collaborative effort.

Everyone has something to contribute

Artist, programmer, designer. Whatever your passion and expertise, you can help shape the project and learn what it means to work as part of a team.

Be part of the adventure

Contribute in a way that suits your skills, schedule, and interests. Or sit back and learn. This is a journey you can follow in many ways.

An open team

With Open Projects, we want to expose the game development journey as it unfolds, and we invite you to participate. Contribute according to your skills, and get in the game’s credits.

Jump into the adventure

The first Open Project is already in development, and you can follow along.

Dig into the project

Download the complete project from Github, or make your own copy and contribute something to it. You can find a detailed contribution guide linked in the readme file.

Get the lay of the land

The roadmap gives you an overview of the project and all of its tasks, and lets you track what has been released. This is a great place to start if you want to take part in the development and are looking for some inspiration.

Share your ideas

The Unity Forums are the central location where we coordinate work on the Open Projects. Here, you can propose new features, provide feedback to other users, and vote on important decisions for the project.

Join the livestreams

The Open Projects team comes together every two weeks to look at what we accomplished and determine what we need to do next. Catch the livestreams on YouTube by subscribing to the channel, or as part of Unite Now.

Welcome to the team!

We are looking forward to seeing what you will create.

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