Unity 2018.4.33

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Known Issues in 2018.4.33f1

  • macOS: If the Android Tools are not installed through the Hub, macOS 10.15 (Catalina) default security settings will prevent the Android NDK binaries being executed. These settings have to be changed or a signed Android NDK (r16b) will be needed to build Android. More information here: https://developer.android.com/ndk/downloads/older_releases.

  • Package Manager: Immutable packages altered by the API Updater are reverted to their original state when packages are resolved, which can lead to slower import performance in that context.

  • Packman: User can't easily configure location of both UPM and Asset Store package local cache (1317232)

  • Windows: The Cursor is visible when Cursor.visible is set to false and new InputSystem package is used (1273522)

  • Packman: Package Manager doesn't show available updates (1304459)

  • Audio: Crash on AudioSource::Stop when exiting Play mode (1079263)

  • Profiling: [Profiler] Timeline sample names from surrounding frames disappear when zooming or panning (1317697)

  • Polybrush: [PolyBrush] Something went wrong saving brush settings Warning is thrown when Saving a Brush after opening the PolyBrush Window (1315475)

2018.4.33f1 Release Notes


  • Asset Import: Removed unsupported layerElement reference mode error logs. (1225010)

  • Build System: Removed requirements over ILRepack when building Unity source code.
    Removed requirements over ILRepack when building Unity source code.
    Fixed ILRepack that was detected as Trojan:Win32/Wacatac.B!ml.
    Removed ILRepack from external directory, now downloading ILRepack from our public stevedore repository.
    You now have to explicitly call .\jam.pl BuildSystemProgramFiles to generate the solution for Unity Build System.

  • Editor: Fixed an issue that caused bad forced repaint in all inspectors every frame. (1320482)

  • Editor: Fixed such that AlphaIsTransparency is no longer disabled in TextureImporter Presets. (1147407)

  • Graphics: Fixed such that Frame Debugger works when using Camera.SetTargetBuffers. (1278884)

  • Graphics: Fixed to use high quality ASTC compression for 'Best' compressor quality. (1313196)

  • IL2CPP: Corrected a crash on startup with BOLT and IL2CPP when there is at least 1 Node present in a Graph. (1284772)

  • iOS: Added missing Screen.dpi information for newer devices. (1299093)

  • macOS: Fixed duplicate "Replace" dialog when building iOS target. (1265065)

  • Mono: Fixed an issue with System.XML depending on writing/reading from the registry which caused macOS Notarization to fail. (1292941)

  • Networking: Fixed possible division by zero in UploadHandlerFile. (1308017)

  • Networking: Fixed UploadHandlerFile.progress only reporting 0 or 1. (1308013)

  • Prefabs: Fixed collection of direct dependencies on Prefabs. (1178737)

  • Serialization: Fixed issue where under certain circumstances editor only fields would get serialized in player build and causing crash at runtime. (1298271)

  • Shaders: Fixed shader asset dependency hash inconsistency between different machines.


Third Party Notices

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