Unity 2018.4.2

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2018.4.2f1 Release Notes


  • XR: Added GPU Profiler support for Oculus Quest and Oculus Go.

  • XR: Updated Vuforia to version 8.1.11.


  • 2D: Fixed sprite Atlases being packed by entering Play Mode when Sprite Packer Mode is set to "Enabled for builds". (1136349, 1148721)

  • Animation: Fixed a crash when animating optimized hierarchies with constant animated properties. (1142636, 1150606)

  • Asset Bundle: Fixed an issue where an "Inconsistent asset" error was logged during BuildPipeline.BuildAssetBundles. (1138140, 1139331)

  • Asset Import: Fixed the root node of a model importer preset not visible and editable. (1144441, 1150228)

  • Build Pipeline: Fixed assets in Editor/Resources folders sometimes being included in builds. (1138237, 1150572)

  • Build Pipeline: Fixed Empty Project builds for Mac/Win/Linux Standalone containing extra ~4MB of doc .xml files. (1112215, 1125590)

  • Editor: Fixed "ArgumentException: Could not find item with id:" that could sometimes occurs when modifying points in the LineRenderer editor. (1143748, 1148722)

  • Editor: Fixed editor crashing with Transform::GetPosition when duplicating Prefabs with Configurable Joints. (1137347, 1152740)

  • Editor: Fixed editor not reacting to .meta file changes regarding Asset Bundles when .meta file was changed while the editor is exiting. (1126293, 1141492)

  • Editor: Fixed GameObject preview flickering on Mac. (1132433, 1150246)

  • Editor: Fixed host local address not validated on GET HTTP request. (1146895, 1152793)

  • Editor: Fixed reverting files in Collab occasionally displaying a blank message. (1151178, 1151183)

  • Graphics: Fixed editor and etandalone hangs after shutdown when running C# Jobs within a ScriptableRenderPipeline. (1142765, 1152343)

  • Graphics: Fixed editor crashing at MaterialScripting::Lerp when Renderer.material.Lerp() has a null material. (1093930, 1100678)

  • Graphics: Fixed hang during shutdown which could happen when running C# Jobs within a ScriptableRenderPipeline. (1142765, 1150775)

  • IL2CPP: Corrected handling of exceptions in some try/finally situations. (1136256, 1152172)

  • IL2CPP: Fixed AppleTlsProvider error on iOS when Strip Engine Code is enabled caused by incorrectly falling back to AppleTlsProvider. (1134343, 1154767)

  • IL2CPP: Handled the this reference passed to a method via an in parameter. (1143749, 1160357)

  • Mobile: Fixed unconditionally discarding AA depth. (1009642, 1145255)

  • OSX: Fixed Empty Project builds for Mac/Win/Linux Standalone contain extra ~4MB of doc .xml files. (1112215, 1125589)

  • OSX: Fixed smooth scrolling not supported when a trackpad or magic mouse is being used. (1144634, 1150081)

  • Particles: Ensured Force Fields belonging to disabled Game Objects do not affect any Particle Systems. (1149364, 1156006)

  • Particles: Ensured particle trails start from exact particle spawning position. (1147999, 1156008)

  • Particles: Fixed flickering sub-emitter trails if sub-emitter particles are cleared before Particle System finishes playing. (1146677, 1156009)

  • Particles: Fixed particle random numbers not being the same on all platforms. (1138802, 1148728)

  • Particles: Fixed the glitches when rendering trails and using Custom Simulation Space together. (1092072, 1156005)

  • Particles: Fixed the jitter when updating position in LateUpdate and using Custom Simulation Space. (1149016, 1156010)

  • Physics: Fixed Raycasts hitt the second layer of the Mesh Collider when the first layer is thin. (1136868, 1144347)

  • Physics: Fixed Unity crashing when using C# batched Raycast requests containing invalid direction data (0,0,0). (1134317, 1144345)

  • Prefabs: Ensured duplicated prefabs retain transform values and other overrides. (1132860, 1152360)

  • Prefabs: Fixed crash when duplicating prefabs with ConfigurableJoints. (1137347, 1152361)

  • Prefabs: Fixed editor crashing when selecting a prefab variant. (1113802, 1152733)

  • Prefabs: Fixed Game Objects being moved to different place when duplicating prefabs. (1132860, 1152739)

  • Prefabs: Fixed importing badly broken prefab variants where components could be assigned to multiple GameObjects. (1113802, 1152363)

  • Profiler: Fixed incorrect memory reported for render texture. (1094084, 1151143)

  • SceneManager: Fixed sprites referencing both the original Sprite assets and Sprite Atlas resulting in increased memory usage. (1135495, 1151116)

  • Timeline: Fixed timelines not being played correctly when building a player with Mono and Managed Stripping Level set higher than Low. (1133182, 1150585)

  • Video: Fixed crash when trying to Play a VideoPlayer when running with -nographics. (1150850, 1155990)

  • VR: Fixed head-tracking and rendering for in-editor remoting to HoloLens devices. (1138473, 1144519)

  • Windows: Fixed documentation summary in Visual Studio not being shown. (1148065, 1150451)

  • Windows: Fixed Standalone Player remaining paused/inactive after using WIN+D shortcut to restore the app window. (1117930, 1147082)

  • XR: Fixed app memory leak when open for extended periods of time. (1138251, 1149352)

  • XR: Fixed assert in gesture source states when asking for sources states and there are none. (1152462, 1156186)

  • XR: Fixed Camera.Render() incorrectly rendering to a RenderTexture when VR is enabled. (986355, 1158264)

  • XR: Fixed crash when transitioning to Windows Mixed Reality VR Mode from non-VR. (1150910, 1152533)

  • XR: Fixed Google VR package removal when Cardboard or Daydream is still in the VR Device list. (1127443, 1139416)

  • XR: Fixed OpenVR package failing to download when Virtual Reality is enabled for new projects. (1082031, 1139418)

  • XR: Prevented potential null pointer access in Windows Mixed Reality. (1152855, 1152860)


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