Industry Success

Solve critical onboarding challenges and accelerate time to market with support designed just for industry. Only available with Unity Industry.

What is Industry Success?

Building complex solutions requires a dedicated team at your side. Industry Success – a support offering exclusive to Unity Industry – helps teams solve critical onboarding challenges, accelerate time to market, optimize resources, and achieve business goals.

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Introduction to Unity Industry

Watch this webinar for a detailed overview of everything included in Unity Industry, the exclusive path for industry customers. Ideate, build, and scale industry applications for augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), mobile, desktop, and web.


Rapid response technical support

Mitigate risk and get your project off the ground with access to Unity’s ticketing system, which provides a 48-hour or lower guaranteed response time.


For each Unity Industry seat, you’ll get access to more than 300 hours of On-Demand Training, covering topics from Unity basics to model optimization and deploying projects.

Partner Advisor

Organizations with 1–9 seats of Unity Industry get a dedicated Partner Advisor who acts as an internal advocate and strategic advisor, handling issues until they’re resolved.

Partner Relationship Manager

Organizations with 10+ seats are assigned a dedicated Partner Relationship Manager, who offers additional check-ins, accelerated issue resolution, and strategic partnership.

Product activation engagement

Ensure you’re set up to start your Unity journey. Get one month of technical product activation support through documentation, training videos, and a technical point of contact.

Customer onboarding engagement

Get started faster with 90 days of onboarding and advice. Dedicated advisors provide guidance on how best to leverage the support and resources available to you.

Access customer success resources and more today

Unity Industry combines the power of Industry Success, Unity Enterprise, Pixyz’s CAD and 3D data ingestion pipelines, and Unity Mars.


How does Industry Success change as I scale the number of seats of Unity Industry in my organization?

Organizations with 1–9 seats of Unity Industry get access to a Partner Advisor (PA) for 90 days of customer onboarding, accelerated issue resolution, and general advice. If you add seats, organizations with 10+ licenses of Unity Industry get access to a Partner Relationship Manager (PRM), a dedicated resource who can provide continuous onboarding support, faster turnaround on technical tickets (depending on seat count), and more frequent check-ins to ensure you’re achieving your project goals.

What courses are available in On-Demand Training?

On-Demand Training includes 300+ hours of content around core editor concepts, Pixyz tutorials, and more. See the course list. Currently, courses are only available in English.

How can I access Industry Success?

Industry Success is available exclusively as part of Unity Industry, which bundles together Unity Enterprise, Industry Success, and the Pixyz Plugin. Learn more.  

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