Unity 参加 SIGGRAPH 2021

8 月 9 日至 13 日,与我们一起参加计算机图形与交互技术领域的全球顶级盛会。Unity 准备了很多好节目,包括开发者日:美术师专题。


从我们合作伙伴(包括 Sony、Lenovo、Varjo、Visionaries 777 等)的作品中获得灵感。与我们的技术团队一起,探索 Unity 编辑器中最新的美术师工具的技术演示。

太平洋时间 8 月 12 日(星期四)中午 1 点,请观看主舞台,聆听 Unity XR 总监 Timoni West 就 Omni、Meta、Uni 和所有其他您关心的核心功能的专题讲座。

SIGGRAPH Make it Real

Lion Demo

Lion demo

Experience the latest from Unity Art Tools, shown in our new demo, Lion. This production features innovations in real-time technology created with Ziva, Wētā Digital, SyncSketch, SpeedTree, and the Unity Editor artist tools.

SIGGRAPH session highlights

Learn more about what we discussed at this year’s event, in person and online.

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Auto-rigging real-time 3D faces with Ziva

Dive into Ziva Face Trainer (ZFT), the new auto-rigging solution for RT3D faces. Learn about ZFT’s deep-learning parameter space, ARKit, and Expression Controls animation system.

Making Unity’s flagship cinematic Enemies

Discover the tools used to create Enemies, and get an in-depth look at the new strand-based Unity Hair Solution.

Advances in real-time rendering

Learn about the battle-tested and production-proven real-time rendering techniques used in video games’ complex, interactive virtual worlds.

Creating organic environments in Unity

Go behind the scenes to see new Terrain features and authoring workflows for environment artists in the High Definition Rendering Pipeline (HDRP), and get a preview of what’s next.

Loki: A unified multiphysics simulation framework

Join panelists from Wētā Digital as they discuss a new framework to simulate fluid, rigid, and deformable objects without compromising fidelity on any single element.

SpeedTree Cinema: From concept art to VFX asset

Learn how professional artists are leveraging SpeedTree 9’s art tools to craft scene-stealing assets, and chat with the team about what’s next for our tools.

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