Universal Render Pipeline (URP)

Create, scale, and optimize stunning graphics efficiently using a powerful rendering solution with maximum platform reach.

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Scalable visuals across all platforms

The Universal Render Pipeline is a multiplatform rendering solution built on top of the Scriptable Render Pipeline (SRP) framework. With scalability, customizability, and a rich feature set, URP offers you creative freedom in any type of project, from stylized visuals to physically based rendering.

Lost in Random scene

Lost in Random by Zoink Games

Unleash your creativity

URP lets creators from all levels express their vision with simplicity, while still ensuring a high degree of extensibility and great customization capabilities.

Lego Builders Journey

LEGO® Builder's Journey by Light Brick Studio

Maximum platform reach

URP allows you to deploy your projects on over 17 platforms, from VR and mobile devices to high-end consoles and desktop machines.

Out of the box, URP provides three rendering paths to better support the variety of games you can develop with Unity. Forward rendering provides optimized material and lighting workflows that scale well for all supported platforms. Deferred rendering offers the ability to render a large number of lights without incurring the significant performance hits typically associated with forward rendering techniques. This is a great option for more complex visuals tailored for higher-end mobile devices, consoles, and desktop machines. Finally, 2D rendering delivers great real-time light and shadows for your 2D games.

Mini Motorways Game

Mini Motorways by Dinosaur Polo Club

Extendable and customizable

Make URP your own by modifying it to suit your project’s artistic vision and performance requirements. For instance, you can choose a leaner approach by removing unneeded passes, or inject custom passes and renderers to enhance the pipeline’s visual capabilities. Unity also provides URP source code access for further customization.

Lost in Random Queen

Lost in Random by Zoink Games

Light up your worlds

URP supports a wide range of direct and indirect lighting solutions. Take advantage of rendering features including real-time shadows for Spot and Point Lights, Light Cookies, and Reflection Probe blending.

The CPU and GPU lightmapper allows you to bake the lighting in-Editor, so the complex rendering of lighting can be greatly optimized for runtime, particularly on hardware with lower performance capabilities. Furthermore, URP supports Realtime Global Illumination via Enlighten, allowing you to update the lighting and material properties at runtime.


Circuit Superstars by Original Fire Games

Cinematic effects

With URP’s user-friendly yet professional post-processing effects, you can alter final image colors and simulate camera lens effects such as Depth of Field, Vignette, Motion Blur, Bloom, and Film Grain. Lens Flares allow you to create procedural flares and scattering with automatic occlusion.

Gigaya Beauty Shot

Artist-friendly features

To help with your transition from the Built-in Render Pipeline, URP offers numerous rendering capabilities, from Camera Stacking to Light Cookies and Point Light Shadows as well as renderer features such as Decals and Screen Space Ambient Occlusion (SSAO).

In addition, URP supports the latest node-based tools offered by Unity. Shader Graph allows you to visually author shaders in real-time. With VFX Graph, you can leverage the power of your GPU to create extraordinary VFX.


Production-proven results

Thanks to its large platform reach, URP already powers numerous successful games, such as the relaxing puzzle platformer LEGO Builder’s Journey and the action-adventure game Lost in Random

To help you start creating inspiring experiences in URP, discover the URP 3D Sample to learn how to create, customize, and scale beautiful graphics with flexibility and performance.

Getting started with URP

URP Happy Harvest 2D sample

Learn how to harness the latest capabilities for creating 2D lights, shadows, and special effects with the Universal Render Pipeline (URP) in Unity 2022 LTS.

Recipes for visual effects using URP

Learn how to create effects with Renderer Features, build a toon and outline shader with Shader Graph, use GPU instancing, produce reflections and refractions, and more.

Learn with URP 3D samples

From a beautiful garden to a peaceful oasis or spacecraft cockpit, the URP 3D sample features environments to help you learn how to use URP optimally across all platforms.

Built-in to URP master guide

Access a comprehensive guide to URP, plus tips on how to migrate from the Built-in Render Pipeline.

Unity Asset Store solutions for URP

Volumetric Fog & Mist 2

This performant AAA fog solution allows you to create realistic and highly customizable atmospheres.

Crest Ocean System URP

Create rich, beautiful ocean systems for PC and console with this technically advanced and customizable asset.

Enviro Sky and Weather

Enviro is a complete solution for creating dynamic lighting scenarios. Create custom fog, clouds, sky, and volumetric lighting, and quickly tailor the lighting to your needs.


Make your characters and objects for games, films, animation, and arts look like anime or cartoons with this advanced shader.

Discover more artist tools

Unleash your imagination with Unity’s powerful artist-friendly solutions. Tap into greater flexibility with tools specifically designed to help you work faster, in real-time.

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