Galactic Kittens: A small scale co-op sample

Learn more about building a small scale cooperative game with Unity’s Netcode for GameObjects in our sample project Galactic Kittens.

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    2D cooperative game

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  • Products

    Netcode for GameObjects

Blast off to space in Galactic Kittens

Galactic Kittens is a 2D co-op space adventure sample game designed to help you learn how to apply and synchronize sprite animations, particle effects, and basic 2D movement.

Made using Netcode for GameObjects, our proprietary networking library, players will blast off into space together to overcome obstacles and rapidly defeat enemies in a short period of time.

What’s included?

What’s included?

Galactic Kittens is publicly available on GitHub to clone, fork, and play with as you see fit.


  • Four unique characters 
  • Two basic enemy types and a boss
  • Simple meteor shower obstacles
  • High-quality stylized 2D art and music assets

What does this sample cover?

Galactic Kittens is an educational template that helps you learn hands-on how to create and network multiplayer games in Unity. The sample has tools to help you learn how to build, structure, and network a 2D cooperative game with readable and digestible code.

Galactic Kittens covers:

  • Synchronized 2D characters with sprite animations
  • Scene switching
  • Simple yet effective connection management
  • And more
Что охватывает этот пример

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Get the Galactic Kittens sample

Get started with Galactic Kittens today to learn the basics of multiplayer networking in Unity.

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