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Keynote: The future of automotive human-machine interface (HMI)
Jun 20, 2023

“Game engine technologies are breaking down the silos of automotive HMI design and development.”

Henning Linn, Global Director of Solutions Engineering, Unity

Watch this keynote from Car HMI Europe 2023 to find out how OEMs like Mercedes-Benz AG are pushing boundaries by embracing real-time 3D gaming technology. Learn more about:

  • How the tech improves design and development workflows for HMI
  • Unity’s embedded HMI demo, including performance results
  • Case studies from OEMs including Mercedes-Benz AG, BMW and Meta, and XPENG

Jump ahead to the key points:

  • 2:37 – Why gaming technology is ideal for developing next-generation HMI experiences
  • 4:32 – How customers like Mercedes-Benz AG use game engines to set themselves apart from the competition
  • 13:48 – Unity’s embedded HMI demo
  • 16:19 – The future of improved design and development workflows for HMI

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