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Known Issues in 2023.1.4f1

  • 3D Physics: Editor crashes on nv::cloth::FabricCookerImpl::cook when entering Play Mode (UUM-34029)

  • Asset Importers: Crash on "'anonymous namespace'::ConvertFBXShapes" when importing an FBX file (UUM-38104)

  • HD RP: The Editor becomes unresponsive and the machine performs worse when the Editor is opened (UUM-34562)

  • Input: The device selection menu does not respond to mouse clicks when trying to add a device in a Control Scheme (UUM-40635)

  • iOS: App freezes and the "You can attach a managed debugger now if you want” message doesn’t show up when running the app on iOS devices with the "Wait For Managed Debugger" setting enabled (UUM-39644)

  • MacOS: Crash on objc_msgSend when the Editor UI gets redrawn (UUM-34202)

  • Metal: Editor freezes when exiting Play Mode if the Game window position was changed or undocked during Play Mode (UUM-36218)

  • Metal: [iOS] Rendering freezes when the orientation is changed (UUM-9480)

  • Native Window Management: Crash on core::Join<core::basic_string<char,core::StringStorageDefault<char> > & __ptr64,char const (& __ptr64)[2],core::basic_string_ref<char> > when the Editor runs out of memory saving an invalid override (UUM-36776)

  • Progressive Lightmapper: Light Probe GPU memory is not deallocated when cancelling a bake (UUM-41988)

  • Scene/Game View: Button triggers another Button when multiple Canvases are used in multiple windows (UUM-36255)

  • Serialization: Crash on SerializedProperty_CUSTOM_GetStringValueInternal when renaming a ScriptableObject Asset (UUM-41704)

  • UI Toolkit Controls: List View automatically collapses when reordering items (UUM-42365)

  • Universal RP: RTHandles in URP causes memory allocation in multi-camera scenarios (UUM-19089)

  • Universal RP: [URP][XR] Performance degradation when comparing Android Quest 2 builds across 2020.3 and 2023.x (UUM-33025)

  • Visual Effects: Editor crashes on VFXRenderer::AddAsRenderNode when assigning a Renderer’s materials toits to materials/sharedMaterials (UUM-37360)

  • Visual Effects: [VFX Graph] Crash on VFXBatch::AddInstance when switching to Custom Batch Capacity in Asset Inspector (UUM-38059)

  • XR SRP: Editor performance drops as OculusRuntime.WaitToBeginFrame Time ms increases to 150-200 ms in Play Mode when MSAA is enabled and Scene View is opened/focused (UUM-40249)

2023.1.4f1 Release Notes


  • Package: Package: Updated Localization package to 1.4.4.


  • 2D: Fixed Sprite previews of Sprites which have a side smaller than 64 pixels and have an aspect ratio of more than 2x in difference. (UUM-36919)

  • Android: Fixed GPU skinning on remaining Adreno devices. (UUM-20108)

  • Asset Import: Fixed bug with BC7 texture encoding upon import crashing on older Penryn (Core 2 Duo) CPUs. (UUM-2508)

  • Build Pipeline: Improved build time when preparing the splash screen. The first build will still be the same, however subsequent will be reduced significantly. (UUM-20350)

  • Documentation: Updated docs to reflect how the engine works. (UUM-18546)

  • Editor: Entities are not displayed with OpenGL on some mobiles. (UUM-33460)

  • Editor: Fixed "Busy Progress Delay" not saving the new value when clicking to other tabs in the Preferences window. (UUM-35857)

  • Editor: Fixed an issue related to BRGs and Ambient Light. (UUM-40337)

  • Editor: Fixed an issue where some rendered gizmos, graph elements, handles, etc would be rendered with a final alpha value of less than 1. (UUM-40949)

  • Editor: Fixed createassetmenu attribute menu name with space won't work. (UUM-35120)

  • Editor: Fixed Debug Error logs in Prefab Overrides window. (UUM-40895)

  • Editor: Fixed Editor freezes for some time when moving a group of GameObjects in the Hierarchy. (UUM-31825)

  • Editor: Fixed enum values binding incorrectly when the enum contained obsolete values. (UUM-36836)

  • Editor: Fixed issue with font asset being re-created every domain reload. (UUM-32171)

  • Editor: Fixed last line of object picker sometimes being cut off. (UUM-30571)

  • Editor: Fixed nullref occurring when font references have not been initialized properly. (UUM-37504)

  • Editor: Fixed PlayerPrefs API in case registry keys has been manually deleted. (UUM-35575)

  • Editor: Fixed UI Toolkit Debugger upward search with SHIFT+F3 on keyboard with Fn key. (UUM-40662)

  • Editor: Fixed xdg-open fallback. (UUM-37536)

  • Editor: Switching to the Simulator view from the Game view will no longer change the Simulator view dimensions to be the same as the Game view. (UUM-30110)

  • Editor: Updated libcurl to 8.1.1. (UUM-29475)

  • Graphics: Fixed an issue where creating an sRGB texture using one of the TextureFormat constructors in gamma project color space would produce a texture with an incorrect "Texture.isDataSRGB" value (false). (UUM-29736)

  • Graphics: Fixed an issue where textures imported as ETC1 Crunched sRGB would appear too bright in linear projects. (UUM-28935)

  • Graphics: Fixed shadow render issues on Built-in Render Pipeline when using Metal. (UUM-3150)

  • Graphics: Fixed vertex color input when frame buffer fetch is used on GLES. (UUM-34725)

  • Graphics: Renderer.SetMaterials() and Renderer.SetSharedMaterials() will set the correct number of elements when list capacity is larger than count. (UUM-27260)

  • iOS: Fixed PlayerSettings.iOS.hideHomeButton not reading/modifying actual PlayerSettings. (UUM-31884)

  • Licensing: Fixed performance issue in IPC comms under heavy thread load. (UUM-35368)

  • N/A (internal): Fixed small performance regression in the player in specific cases. (UUM-37614)

  • Package Manager: Fixed an issue where the whole project directory was deleted when removing a package with a non-existent file path. (UUM-36876)

  • Prefabs: Fixed Prefab Asset FileIDs are changed after building a player and saving assets. The build pipeline did change the fileIDs and did not properly clean up afterwards. (UUM-39802)

  • Serialization: Fixed Missing ScriptableObjects do not throw NullReferenceExceptions when accessing their properties in Play Mode. (UUM-34447)

  • Serialization: Make sure double-s are parsed correctly in MiniJSON ParseNumber. (UUM-19166)

  • Serialization: Throw an exception when trying to access struct that has an empty SerializeReference list field with boxedValue, as this is not supported by Unity. (UUM-38115)

  • Shaders: Fixed duplicate compilation when using dynamic_branch keywords. (UUM-37432)

  • Shaders: Forcing the smoke test to process the jobs asynchronously all the time regardless of the shader possible usage of #pragma editor_sync_compilation. Hence, making the smoke test shader compilation process faster. (UUM-19594)

  • SRP Core: Fixed console errors when debug actions are removed from Input Manager during play mode. (UUM-37148)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed ListView reorderable and reorderMode being ignored when used with editor binding. (UUM-33402)

  • Universal RP: Added missing G-buffer normal decoding for the "URP Sample Buffer" node in Fullscreen shadergraphs when using "Accurate G-buffer normals" in the deferred renderer (not background pixels will not match). (UUM-33434)

  • Universal RP: Fixed Native RenderPass errors when using RendererFeature which is executed in between GBuffer and Deferred Lighting passes. (UUM-28953)

  • Video: Video from Video Player is not updated immediately in the Edit Mode when changing its time in the Inspector window. (UUM-32448)

  • Video: Video has a delay, random freezing, and speeding up when using VideoPlayer. (UUM-31317)

  • Windows: Fixed PlayerPrefs API in case registry keys has been manually deleted. (UUM-35575)


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