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Known Issues in 2022.2.7f1

  • Animation: Root Motion character warps into a new position when negative speed values are applied in a Blend Tree (UUM-21885)

  • Inspector Framework: Editor freezes when selecting multiple assets with different Scripted Importers (UUM-27216)

  • Metal: [iOS]Unable to maintain 120fps consistently in a near-empty scene on iPhone 13 Pro (UUM-5944)

  • OpenXR: [VR Template] Standalone Profiler Crashes when opening (UUM-21186)

  • Profiling: [URP] Memory leak when in Play Mode (UUM-19089)

  • RP Foundation: [Silicon] Crash on ScriptableRenderLoopJob when machine is left idle while the Editor is in Play mode (UUM-25831)

  • UI Toolkit Controls: Element UI disappears and NullReferenceException is thrown when dragging off the last or first element from the list in the Inspector (UUM-25833)

  • Universal RP: Nothing is rendered in the built URP project when Deferred rendering is selected and Accurate G-buffer normals are enabled (UUM-25112)

  • Universal RP: [URP] The Scene View flickers when hovering over it with the cursor (UUM-24656)

  • Visual Effects: SDF Baking causes memory to be allocated that isn't deallocated when in Play Mode and in Builds (UUM-25814)

  • Visual Effects: [VFX Graph] Particles Flicker when sorting and/or Indirect draw is on. (UUM-24848)

  • Web Platform: "wasm-ld.exe" is not terminated when canceling a WebGL Build during the "Linking build.js (wasm)" phase (UUM-20797)

2022.2.7f1 Release Notes


  • Editor: Added option to Scene View preferences to only refresh the Scene view when the Editor is in focus.

  • Package Manager: Added Web3 as a Filter Category in My Assets.


  • Core: Boot config option no-main-thread-job-stealing=true can be used to prevent the main thread from ever stealing job work. This option should only be used under special circumstances where very long running jobs cannot be broken down, and the main thread has a high likelihood of running long running work inadvertently.

  • IL2CPP: Improved error message when the GenericSharingVisitor encounters an opcode that it cannot handle.

  • Shadergraph: The asset postprocessor for shader graph now only performs the majority of its work when a shader-related asset has been changed.

  • UI Toolkit: Improved performance of tree expansion of UI Toolkit TreeViews.


  • Graphics: Combined unity_ProbesOcclusion into SHCoefficients for BatchRendererGroup. (UUM-24996)


  • 2D: Fixed the AnimatedTile with LoopOnce set restarting animation loop when its Tilemap is selected in the Editor (UUM-25434)

  • Asset Import: Memory leak diagnostic switches are now passed through to the asset import workers.

  • DX12: Fixed a crash caused by using a sub Mesh with 0 vertices in ray tracing effects. (UUM-24711)

  • DX12: Fixed GetNextFrameValue() in DX12 native rendering plugins. (UUM-23065)

  • Editor: Fix for "cannot be multi-edited" message in Inspector appearing when it should not. (UUM-15306)

  • Editor: Fixed a build performance regression caused by shader variant prefiltering overhead. (UUM-23173)

  • Editor: Fixed a crash on UpdateSharedDataSubMeshVertexRange when importing a SpeedTree file. (UUM-25371)

  • Editor: Fixed a crash when changing the source URL of a video player in Android. (UUM-20661)

  • Editor: Fixed an Editor crash when rendering with UsePass or Fallback via SRP batcher. (UUM-19898)

  • Editor: Fixed an Editor crash when you try to build a project with corrupt compute shaders. (UUM-25488)

  • Editor: Fixed an Editor hang when an import in the worker process fails because of an asset being changed during the import. Any following sync import (using ProduceArtifact API) request for this asset would cause the Editor to hang. (UUM-22607)

  • Editor: Fixed an issue where overlays were resizable when they shouldn't be. (UUM-10061)

  • Editor: Fixed an issue with spurious errors in the console being output when the lighting cache is not intact. (UUM-21668)

  • Editor: Fixed case where SetParent allowed setting transforms as parents when they are persistent. (UUM-12399)

  • Editor: Fixed editor crash on MacOS when exporting with PVRTC texture compression setting. (UUM-22385)

  • Editor: Fixed incorrect information and improve documention for the RuntimeInitializeOnLoadMethod attribute. The documentation now clarifies the execution order and provides more detailed information about the object state during runtime initiailization. (UUM-21543)

  • Editor: Fixed recent crash regression when shader compilation error. (UUM-26357)

  • Editor: Fixed the rendering layers in the Light inspector. You can now select Everything. (UUM-14307)

  • Editor: Fixed UsePass and Fallback rendering sometimes broken in Editor when using SRP batcher. (UUM-18980)

  • Editor: Removed an unnecessary "cannot be multi-edited" message in the Inspector. (UUM-10473)

  • Editor: [SpeedTree]: Fixed overly red debug visualization for surface normals when using Rendering Debugger with HDRP projects. (UUM-22897)

  • GI: Enabled the GPU lightmapper work on Intel Arc 750 GPUs. (UUM-21746)

  • GI: Fixed only one GPU being available to select as the "GPU Baking Device" when multiple identical GPUs are installed. (UUM-15155)

  • Graphics: Fixed present callbacks so they are now called correctly when the GfxDeviceClient is set to not be serializing (ST threading mode). (UUM-25836)

  • Graphics: Throw an ArgumentNullException if null is passed in as a parameter to Unwrapping.GeneratePerTriangleUV. (UUM-4614)

  • IL2CPP: Emitted code that compiles for array element access from null in a non-development player build. (UUM-597)

  • IL2CPP: Fixed an issue that did not allow access to special folders in Windows Store apps. (UUM-17611)

  • IL2CPP: Fixed Monitor.IsEntered returning true when the monitor is entered on a different thread from the current thread. (UUM-22329)

  • macOS: Enabled VSync now works correctly when moving the Editor window between screens with different refresh rates. (UUM-9097)

  • Mobile: Fixed the touch reset in device simulator when unity remote is disconnected. (UUM-6667)

  • Package Manager: Fix cycling through windows stops at the Package Manager window when using a shortcut. (UUM-21612)

  • Package Manager: Fixed the Package Manager so it no longer throws an error when importing a complete project for the first time. (UUM-20000)

  • Particles: Removed an erroneous grabpass when using Particle Standard Surface Shader. It should only be triggered when using the Distortion effect. (UUM-12916)

  • Prefabs: Refactored PrefabSave code and fixed duplicate file ids known bugs. (UUM-1282)

  • Scene/Game View: Fixed crashes in GetFilteredRendererNodes sometimes happening when trying to pick an object with a BatchRendererGroup active.

  • Shaders: Fixed being able to use SetVector on integer types in compute shaders. (UUM-5760)

  • Shaders: Fixed missing scalar-to-vector expansion in bitFieldInsert on Metal. (UUM-17883)

  • Shaders: Fixed SetGlobalInteger not working in compute shaders. (UUM-3271)

  • Shaders: Fixed SV_PrimitiveID on Metal. (UUM-22593)

  • SRP Core: Fixed a Render Graph bug where culled passes would be delegated to releasing a resource, resulting in unwanted leaking. (UUM-20800)

  • uGUI: Fixed the slider's direction property not marking the scene dirty once this is changed when in prefab's isolation/context mode. (UUM-20875)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed a memory leak in UI Toolkit. (UUM-16365)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed an issue where newline caused incorrect text size rounding error. (UUM-4169)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed dynamic-color so it now works if the background color was previously transparent. (UUM-21405)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed long selectors names in UI Builder. (UUM-17304)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed ScrollView continuing to scroll after ScrollTo was called. (UUM-12584)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed ScrollView scrollbar input issues when using touch. (UUM-17804)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed the double click select word when selectAllOnMouseUp and selectAllOnFocus is on. (UUM-15805)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed the selection on input fields not being cleared when losing focus. (UUM-12086)

  • Universal RP: Fixed a light cookie out of bounds. (UUM-20622)

  • Universal RP: Fixed an issue causing Dynamic Resolution to be disabled during URP rendering. (UUM-18852)

  • Video: Enabled URLs without extensions to now better be supported by the VideoPlayer. (UUM-15705)

  • Video: Fixed multi-display rendering so it now displays the first camera's view on both displays instead of displaying both camera's views when used with a mobile device. (UUM-13587)

Package changes in 2022.2.7f1

Packages updated

  • com.unity.performance.profile-analyzer: 1.1.1 → 1.2.2

  • com.unity.services.ccd.management: 2.2.1 → 2.2.2

  • com.unity.services.core: 1.7.0 → 1.7.1


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