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Known Issues in 2021.2.1f1

  • Android: Sometimes text is not rendered when using OpengLES3 on a Xiaomi Redmi9A device. (1347186)

  • Android: * Devices might wake up from sleep when in split screen mode.

    • Chrome OS devices that support tablet mode might not pause apps when they are no longer visible.

    • Some Android devices may experience delayed resolution updates after resizing a window.

    • Minimum window size might not be respected properly on all Android devices.

  • Asset Bundles: Building process of the AssetBundles is slow when there is a huge filecount. (1358059)

  • Asset Import Pipeline: Crash on OnDemandScheduler::SetStandbyWorkerCount when opening a project with a symbolic link in it (1370389)

  • CodeEditors: Crash on stopping debugging (1355156)

  • Customer QA Onboarding: Entering values into value fields in the Inspector window is delayed (1374222)

  • Customer QA Onboarding: [macOS] Text input lags by one keystroke when inputting text in the Editor (1376732)

  • Global Illumination: Crash while sculpting Terrain and Baking Lightmaps (1266511)

  • Global Illumination: Scene is brighter in Standalone player if it was open in the Editor at build time (1375015)

  • Global Illumination: [GPU PLM] Fallback to CPU PLM in CL_INVALID_MEM_OBJECT after switching light color only and rebaking GI (1356714)

  • HD RP: HDRP Template fills the Console with "Shader error...couldn't open include file" messages after building the project (1342989)

  • IL2CPP: System.Runtime.Serialization.Formatters.BinaryFormatter doesn't work when Project is build with IL2CPP Scripting Backend (1374185)

  • Input: The first Keyboard Input is Ignored and stored for later when renaming Assets causing all Keyboard Inputs to become mixed (1375664)

  • Input: Touch Input doesn't work in Play Mode when running an Editor on a Touchscreen device (1341159)

  • Inspector Framework: Long Layer names are not fully visible in the drop-down list when selecting it in the Inspector window from Script component (1366623)

  • Linux: Linux Editor crashes at "__assert_fail_base.cold" when opening a project (1375312)

  • MacOS: [Mac] Performance regression in Editor UI (1376273)

  • Mono: .NETStandard 2.1 in the editor is missing System.Memory, System.Buffers at runtime (1367105)

  • Mono: Microsoft.Extensions.Logging Nuget Package causes errors in console when built into UWP with .NET Standard 2.1 (1373389)

  • Mono: NullReferenceException causes freeze when thrown in the Player (1364311)

  • Profiling: Profiler's timeline view loses context frames when frames go out of Frame Count bounds (1367470)

  • Scene Management: GameObjects, Parameters, and Windows doesn't update correctly on the last steps when doing Undo and Redo (1374538)

  • Scene Management: Instantiated FBX through code throws error after leaving Play Mode (1363573)

  • Scene/Game View: Tool handles are invisible in Scene View when certain objects are selected (1374532)

  • Scripting: Crash in CombineMeshFiltersForStaticBatching after switching active additively loaded scenes and entering Play mode (1377416)

  • Scripting: Error CS8035 is thrown on opening a project when using rulesets (1349517)

  • Scripting: Only some assemblies fail to be loaded when assembly name does not match the file name (1345099)

  • Shader System: Shaders are ignored when executing Build Asset Bundles method from console with -nographics argument (1369645)

  • Templates: Editor crashes when exiting and keeping a tutorial project (1338299)

  • uGUI: Poor performance when loading or unloading a large Scene (1375646)

  • Universal Windows Platform: UnityWebRequest fails on UWP with HTTPS (1375004)

  • Vulkan: [Editor] The Scene's GameObjects textures are seemingly random and change colours depending on the Scene's Camera pos. (1337772)

  • Window Management: Broken layout stops panels located in the top left corner of the Editor from rendering in the Karting Microgame project (1367783)

  • XR SDK: Severe flickering in Unity 2020.3.21f1 with OpenXR on HL2 (1376203)

  • XR SDK: [XR][Linux] Scene View doesn't render when opening new AR or VR Template project or pressing "Show Tutorials" (1362435)

2021.2.1f1 Release Notes

API Changes

  • Shaders: Added: Added a possibility to query preprocessed shader data for a given variant (1364378)


  • Android: Further improve build times, when sequential build is done with no changes in project. Previously Unity was moving apk/aab from gradle project to final location, thus forcing the gradle to rebuild apk/aab on sequential builds, Unity will perform a copy instead now. Our tests show that sequential build times improved by 50%, for ex., dropping from 12 seconds to 5 seconds. (1361602)

  • Android: Workaround a problem where using logcat would leak pipes on OSX. The underlying problem seems to be with C# Process class, where if you redirect streams and dispose process, the pipes would remain opened. This will be investigated separatly. (1303618)

  • Animation: Fixed an issue where an assert was triggered upon rebuilding an animation legacy component. (1330001)

  • Asset Bundles: Improved performance of Asset Bundle building when many bundles exist. (1358059)

  • Asset Pipeline: Fixed an issue where MonoScripts in plugins that were dependent on plugins in other folders could fail to import when reimporting all assets. (1345854)

  • Asset Pipeline: Fixed exception that Rider would catch when Disposing instances of the ArtifactInfo class. (1359723)

  • Asset Pipeline: Improved opening time of Import Activity Window. (1343709)

  • Audio: Fixed exposing multiple send levels in the audio mixer not working correctly. Note: previously created mixers with exposed send levels will cause a warning to be logged on editor startup and the send levels will have to be re-exposed. (1285638)

  • Editor: Fixed windows editor sometimes getting into a "script assemblies are locked" state after invoking a modal dialog from a C# script. (1367358)

  • GI: Environment lighting should not be affected by the Cast Shadows flag on the Mesh Renderer. (1348581)

  • Graphics: Fixed a crash in ray tracing shaders when different ray payload structures are used throughout shaders that are used in a ray tracing dispatch. (1351293)

  • Graphics: Fixed an issue were TextureIDs could leak upon recreating RenderTextures with explicit stencil views. (1365351)

  • Graphics: Fixed inconsistent behavior of Async Readbacks in the scene view. (1369329)

  • Graphics: Fixed issue where memory would leak from mesh due to mismatching memory labels. (1362505)

  • IL2CPP: Avoid copying the profile.json file output by IL2CPP into the final application package for iOS. (1357923)

  • IL2CPP: Fixed crash in player when Faster (smaller) builds is enabled. (1365032)

  • IL2CPP: Fixed incorrect metadata section size checks (1370667)

  • IL2CPP: Implement support for ConditionalWeakTable which fixes memory a leak. (1338754)

  • iOS: Stop dark mode native mobile input's background from going transparent when it's empty. (1367091)

  • Linux: Fixed Unity splash screen not responding to resize events. (1360542)

  • Mono: Fixed a crash that would occur when a recursive struct was used in user code. (1248911)

  • Mono: Fixed crash that would occur when a generic field was in a struct during burst compilation. (1345245)

  • Mono: Fixed Superluminal symbol integration. (1373568)

  • Particles: Fixed auto-upgrade of Collision Module plane colliders when using Prefab overrides. (1354906)

  • Physics: Fixed the ArticulationDrive.forceLimit to actually use forces instead of impulses. Projects with custom set force limit should review values, and consider dividing them by the simulation delta. (1370338)

  • Profiler: Fixed Timeline view's display of surrounding context frames when the recorded frame count exceeds the amount specified in Preferences/Analysis/Profiler/Frame Count. (1367470)

  • Scene/Game View: Fixed for Scale Handle center handle inconsistencies. (1365337)

  • Scene/Game View: Fixed GUI.Window not working when invoked from Editor.OnSceneGUI. (1358677)

  • Scene/Game View: Fixed SceneViewLighting overlays not being displayed. (1366159)

  • Search: Fixed NullReferenceException is thrown when typing in the Hierarchy window search bar (1360676)

  • Search: Fixed search indexation incremental update of removed components or properties. (1370415)

  • Search: Fixed search item cannot be picked in table view using SearchService.ShowPicker(...) (1371140)

  • Serialization: Prevented, at serialization time, the addition of a SerializeReference instance which is a generic inflated types. (1364524)

  • Shaders: Exceptions in IPreprocessShaders will now fail the build (1357383)

  • Shaders: Fixed a crash when loading shaders with complex fallbacks that contain GrabPasses (1360664)

  • Shaders: Fixed a crash when trying to use a non-UAV texture as ComputeShader UAV property. (1365411)

  • Shaders: Fixed Compile and show code button failing to write the file if the size is over 2 GB (1357761)

  • Shaders: Fixed uintBitsToFloat not doing a conversion from bool argument to uint (1334240)

  • Terrain: User can no longer create brushes so immense that the editor emits an error about not being able to create a RenderTexture that large. (1321932)

  • UI Toolkit: Added more asset conversion types to the Package Asset Converter tool. (1366279)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed 3 cases of inconsistencies on binding data to UI Toolkit fields. (1353710)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed element sometimes entering hover state when window is resized. (1290545)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed incorrect pointer enter events and pointer leave events in playmode using the DefaultEventSystem. (1313220)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed UXML layout breaking when an asset used in it is deleted from the project. (1351363)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed VisualElement's editor data bindings not able to be bound to SerializedProperty of type "ulong" to "long" fields. (1303154)

  • Video: Fixed errors being spammed in the Console upon opening imported video in the Inspector tab when Target Platform is set to UWP. (1357597)

  • WebGL: Fixed Firefox crashing on startup. (1360161)

  • XR: Fixed depth/stencil discards not working on Quest GLES. (1350657)


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