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  • Android: Fixed Vulkan rendering when sRGB write control is enabled in PlayerSettings. (1107481, 1125474)

  • Animation: Fixed crash when state has "too many" scripts attached. (1137055, 1150381)

  • Asset Bundle: Fixed an issue where an "Inconsistent asset" error was logged during BuildPipeline.BuildAssetBundles. (1138140, 1139330)

  • Asset Import: Fixed a regression where blender files import fails when the blender application installed is version 2.79 (1144643, 1144766)

  • Audio: Fixed user selection not being respected for dsp buffer size in the audio settings. (1129895, 1150380)

  • Editor: Fixed a bug that disabled the availability of having rsp files inside Packages correctly. (1137372, 1138461)

  • Editor: Fixed editor crashing while clicking on Overrides window for instance of name based replaced variant. (1137288, 1145518)

  • Editor: Fixed hierarchy incorrect scenevis icon for scenes and toggling behavior (1126555, 1143155)

  • Editor: Fixed hierarchy ping being slightly offset (1140214, 1143158)

  • Editor: Fixed scene header context menu in hierararchy being slightly offset (1142146, 1143160)

  • Editor: Fixed the issue with GameView Scale's minimum value being dependent on the windows display scaling factor. (1099270, 1126537)

  • GI: Fixed a race condition in Enlighten data loading during additive scene loading that led to a crash in the standalone player. (1124660, 1132699)

  • Graphics: Fixed missing draws when using an uninitialized RenderTexture with Vulkan. (1107219, 1123843)

  • IL2CPP: Added support for the MethodImplOptions.NoOptimization C# attribute. (1124061, 1144679)

  • IL2CPP: Fixed a build failure that would occur when targeting UWP w/ il2cpp while using a Managed Stripping Level of High. (1137227, 1146287)

  • IL2CPP: Fixed an intermittent crash when a managed exception occurs on a back ground thread while the process is shutting down.

  • IL2CPP: Fixed building generated player Visual Studio project when using IL2CPP scripting backend and building to a builder with unicode characters in the path on Windows Standalone and UWP players. (1129992, 1143205)

  • IL2CPP: Fixed making RuntimeHelpers.IsReferenceOrContainsReferences call a generation-time intrinsic that will output a "false" or "true" boolean value to the C++ code. This greatly speeds up some .NET container classes that make use of this method. (1143169, 1145502)

  • IL2CPP: Fixed overwriting a copy of a generic by ref argument that uses specifically crafted IL bytecode. (1140509, 1147441)

  • IL2CPP: Fixed proper C++ code not being generated when Mathf.Infinity is used as the value for an attribute argument. (1139579, 1141559)

  • IL2CPP: Fixed some assemblies missing symbol files after building with the Medium or High Managed Stripping Level. (1142732, 1144690)

  • iOS: Fixed SendMessage not working on iOS/tvOS simulator. (1138257, 1139346)

  • Linux: Fixed Linux editor 'scrolling' when starting up in a maximized position. (1130242, 1141032)

  • Mobile: Fixed [iOS] VR Shaders included in builds. (1123955, 1142461)

  • Physics: Fixed any hit being returned by MeshCollider.Raycast instead of the closest one. (1136868, 1144347)

  • Physics: Fixed crash that happened when passing a zero direction vector to batched physics queries. (1134317, 1144345)

  • Physics: Fixed the physics debug window not being open/closed correctly. (1115985, 1127093)

  • Scripting: Fixed issue with "Menu can't be checked because it doesn't exist" warning being emitted when deleting a checked menu item script. (1136169, 1136820)

  • Video: Fixed Spatial Blend in AudioSource not always impacted by distance when used by VideoPlayer. (1114277, 1139381)

  • Windows: Fixed issue where high-poll-rate mice were causing performance degradation in the Editor on Windows. (1117360, 1144635)

  • Windows: Fixed SystemInfo.deviceUniqueIdentifier not returnin the same values as Unity 2018.3 and earlier versions. (1146923, 1146971)

  • XR: Updated OpenVR to 1.0.14. This fixes an issue on Linux where the player may crash if it is built for OpenVR, but SteamVR is not installed on the machine. (985931, 1144524)


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