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Known Issues in 2018.4.9f1

  • Animation: Error is thrown when calling Animator.keepAnimatorControllerStateOnDisable on an inactive GameObject (1168475)

  • Cloud Diagnostics: USYM_UPLOAD_AUTH_TOKEN is thrown in Xcode when the Project is built in BatchMode with -runTests and Cloud Diagnostics enabled (1167025)

  • LW RP: Building project gets stuck on "Compiling shader variants" dialog when Lightweight Render Pipeline/Lit shader is compiling (1090892)

  • Linux: [Android] Android SDK Build-Tools newest version location can fail (1174507)

  • Scene Management: Enabled Prefab is disabled after upgrading to Improved Prefabs (1138224)

  • Scene Management: Transform::GetWorldToLocalMatrix crash during first import when accessing Components in Prefabs (1159905)

  • Scripting: [IL2CPP] Development build fails with "il2cpp.exe didn't catch exception: System.IndexOutOfRangeException" (1131053)

  • Serialization: Kaydara FBX Binary becomes a YAML file when Editor serializes changes (1169079)

  • Shuriken: WorldCollision crashes when spawning particles with World Collision enabled (1168859)

  • Themes: Merge conflict in ProjectVersion.txt causes 'Unable to parse file' error on any project opened (1002683)

  • iOS: Apple throws Deprecated API Usage warning for using UIWebView when submitting Builds to the App Store Connect (1180664)

  • iOS: Apps with UIApplicationExitsOnSuspend in info.plist failing to pass Apple Store validation (1160614)

2018.4.9f1 Release Notes


  • XR: Added a protected context option to the Oculus Android settings that should only be enabled when you know that you require a protected graphics context (typically for DRM video). (1180363)

  • XR: Added a V2 signing option to the Oculus Android settings that should be used when building for Quest, and disabled when building for Go and GearVR. (1180363)


  • 2D: Fixed issue where TextureImporter's meta file might get changed when reimporting with no settings changed in the importer. (1092018, 1179240)

  • 2D: Fixed Sprite Atlas being checked out in Perforce after entering Play Mode and exiting Editor. (1164347, 1169629)

  • Analytics: Analytics found that the device screen size is always reported as the application render size on Android/iOS and cpu architecture is wrong for Android arm64 devices that are running 32 bit binaries. (1160171, 1160174)

  • Android: Fix floating point render target on Android 4. (1149616, 1177516)

  • Android: Fixed right-clicks from Bluetooth mouse not being registered in Android. (1168711, 1171440)

  • Android: Removed the use of all audio engine functions that will be grey-listed or black-listed in Android Q. (1176717, 1176718)

  • Animation: Fixed Undo operation of "Add Motion" in the Blend Tree graph UI. (1134780, 1164019)

  • Asset Bundle: Fixed for Loading dependent AssetBundles fails to deserialize some scripts on Standalone builds. (1154172, 1175281)

  • Asset Import: Fixed a crash in the FBX Importer when calculating tangents on a blendshape that has infinite values in vertex positions. (1152354, 1161953)

  • Asset Import: Fixed serialised body mask data to not append itself on each re-import. (1164193, 1164597)

  • Asset Management: Fixed for New ScriptableObject variable references are not reloaded when changing branch in VCS until Editor is restarted. (1153117, 1173885)

  • Build Pipeline: Fixed SBP out of memory crash. (1158643, 1160714)

  • DX12: Fixes to avoid using slow scratch memory ( also reduces debug messages ). (1174364, 1174684)

  • Editor: Fix editor window min-max size info propagation and mouse events outside the window (1169663, 1181709)

  • Editor: Fix editor window min-max size info propagation and mouse events outside the window (1143721, 1181710)

  • Editor: Fixed Layout save did not load correctly. (1122565, 1162020)

  • Editor: Fixed the issue with NullReferenceException when previewing assets on Unity Package import. (1148966, 1159900)

  • GI: Fixed broken bake in Editor with additive loaded scenes. (1138556, 1167606)

  • Graphics: Fix CommandBuffer.SetShadowSamplingMode code typo. (1143760, 1156782)

  • IL2CPP: Avoid exception related to loading libc on platforms that don't support it. (1022228, 1178372)

  • IL2CPP: Correct the behavior of SendFile on Windows. (1171712, 1176954)

  • IL2CPP: Correct the reference count behavior for SafeHandle marshaling with out parameters. (1175211, 1177746)

  • IL2CPP: Prevent the creation of GC logs in non-development players. (1164367, 1178088)

  • iOS: Fixed keyboard type not always changing when switching controls. (1154527, 1165457)

  • iOS: Fixed simulator build on xcode11 beta (metal headers were added) - now we use headers if available instead of forcibly declaring symbols. (1163876, 1170513)

  • Mobile: Fixed cases where displaying Standalone player on second display would cause developer console to display twice. (1064308, 1158709)

  • Particles: Fixed ParticleSystem bounds calculations when using stretched particles and a negative velocity scale. (1160531, 1163756)

  • Particles: Fixed ParticleSystem prewarm not locating WindZones, ForceFields and Colliders during Awake. (1122824, 1164547)

  • Prefabs: It's now possible to edit the root GameObject of a Prefab directly from the Project browser without going into Prefab Mode. This supports multi-object editing as well. (1120805, 1160289)

  • Profiler: Fixed "Requested frame does not exists" exception thrown on clearing data while looking at UI Module. (1160622, 1164655)

  • Profiler: Fixed memory leak caused by the job debugger holding onto the scheduled fences. (1156327, 1180028)

  • Scripting: Allow UnityLinker to run properly on FAT32 partitions on macOS. (1166108, 1168250)

  • Scripting: Fixed crash when inspecting large collections in debugger. (1130912, 1171511)

  • Scripting: Fixed issue where System.Data.Odbc library was not found correctly on Windows. (1156912, 1173921)

  • Scripting: Fixed issue with "Assembly has duplicate references" error not listing the duplicate references correctly. (1132593, 1150069)

  • Scripting: Fixed issue with "Multiple precompiled assemblies with the same name" error not listing the paths of the precompiled assemblies. (1138754, 1150062)

  • Scripting: Fixed logging ETW events from the editor and players. (1084396, 1173497)

  • Scripting: Fixed port numbers returned from GetActiveTcpConnections on Windows are not correct. (1165578, 1174668)

  • Scripting: Remove "m_TypeName" from UnityEventBase class as this information can be recovered from the reflection system post-serialisation. (833543, 1171865)

  • Terrain: Fixed issue where in case of creating from script terrain using instance rendering didn't stop shader stripping from removing instanced variant of terrain shader. (1139655, 1141811)

  • Terrain: Re-instated Terrain shortcut keys. (1155153, 1167230)

  • Timeline: Fixed duration mode not reverting from "Fixed Length" to "Based On Clips" properly.

  • Timeline: Fixed playhead being moved when applying undo while recording.

  • Timeline: Fixed warnings about localEulerAnglesRaw when using RectTransform.

  • Version Control: Fixed logging when files/folders in the Unity project are excluded from the Perforce client workspace. (1143683, 1145764)

  • Windows: Fixed logging ETW events from the editor and players. (1084396, 1173497)

  • XR: Fixed incorrect ordering for TangoUpdate in early update for ARCore. (1175133, 1178430)

  • XR: Fixed Surface Observer to correct memory handling and stop potential crashes on exit. (1176047, 1176064)


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