Unity 2018.3.14

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2018.3.14f1 Release Notes


  • XR: Update Vuforia to version 8.1.7.


  • 2D: Fixed sprites referencing both the original Sprite assets and Sprite Atlas resulting in increased memory usage. (1071494, 1138745)

  • Android: Adds the ability to opt-out from stopping gradle daemons upon editor exit. (1098578, 1137237)

  • Android: Fixed UI mask on older PowerVR devices. (1106269, 1148371)

  • Animation: Fixed crash when state has "too many" scripts attached. (1137055, 1147371)

  • Animation: Fixed editor crashing on GfxDevice::ApplyBlendShape when playing animation preview. (1131617, 1134640)

  • Audio: Fixed user selection not being respected for dsp buffer size in the audio settings. (1129895, 1147370)

  • Editor: Fixed cloth component attached to an object disabling the Transform tools. (962773, 1141582)

  • Editor: Fixed NullReferenceException when dragging Reorderable list items. (1146538, 1147489)

  • Editor: Fixed the issue with GameView Scale's minimum value being dependent on the windows display scaling factor. (1099270, 1138042)

  • Editor: Fixed UnityEngine.RectOffset causing GC.Collect() to be called at regular intervals causing noticeable lag spikes when using. (1130308, 1142535)

  • Editor: Removed usage of DescriptionAttribute to change the display name of enum values in the inspector has been removed. (1115381, 1130990)

  • Facebook: Fixed gameroom build failing with error. (1087728, 1143521)

  • Graphics: Fixed Crash when calling Graphics.ExecuteCommandBuffer() if CommandBuffer.SetShadowSamplingMode() is used before it. (1102773, 1141338)

  • Graphics: Fixed shadow lights and shadow casters culling when shadows are disabled. (1072624, 1116345)

  • Graphics: Optimizes single-colored ambient probe updates. (1115645, 1136077)

  • Linux: Fixed multiple identical webcams on not supported on Linux. (1115884, 1123760)

  • Package Manager: Fix Closing the 'Reset Packages to Defaults' confirmation window still resets the Packages. (1134754, 1137061)

  • Scripting: Fixed the need for a reference on an assembly. Allow empty assembly definition references. (1130125, 1136095)

  • Shaders: Fixed shader include path issues with Collab projects including shaders in packages. (1115287, 1146525)

  • Shaders: Introduced UNITY_SETUP_STEREO_RENDERING macro and setupStereoEyeIndex()/getStereoMatrixVP(eyeIndex) helper methods to support various stereo rendering methods in GLSL. (990291, 1149405)

  • Shadows/Lights: Fixed shadow culling issue with directional light when the light direction is almost orthogonal to the normal. (1064533, 1142578)

  • Terrain: Fixed SplatDatabase::CheckConsistency crash when opening a Gaia Scene. (1132798, 1142742)

  • Timeline: Fixed notifications crash when instantiating GameObjects. (1129866, 1139321)

  • Video: Fixed overflow of texture release command queue for Apple Metal when running headless (1127529, 1138252)

  • XR: Fixed XR Settings SDK list custom options drop down collapsing when the user selects anywhere in the list. (1142001, 1147369)

  • XR: Fixed XR wireframe shader not working correctly with OpenGL and DirectX. (1022184, 1136652)

  • XR: Fixes grip button on knuckles controller under legacy input. (1143824, 1143826)

  • XR: Updated OpenVR to 1.0.14. This fixes an issue on Linux where the player may crash if it is built for OpenVR, but SteamVR is not installed on the machine. (985931, 1117578)


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