Unity 2018.3.1

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  • Android: Removed extraneous log message that could be confused with a failure, when one did not occur 'Failed to load lib_burst_generated'. (1059752)

  • Animation: Fixed tangent mode not enforced when changing keyframe in recording mode. (1097109)

  • Asset Import: Fixed crash when importing an R16 texture as a normal map. (1105211)

  • Build Pipeline: Fixed crash on AddBuildAssetInfoChecked when building project with scene that contains "Super Text Mesh" component. (1031313)

  • Editor: Allow Application.targetFramerate to be used when Time.captureFrameRate is set. (1100116)

  • Editor: Fixed issue with Menu items being enabled when modal windows are shown. (1093199)

  • Editor: Removed close X button on dock area tabs. (1105463)

  • Graphics: Fixed a legacy cubemap crash when its parameters are changed. (1038653)

  • Graphics: Fixed against GPU driver assert for CopyTexture edge case. (1065883)

  • Graphics: Fixed an issue where unbound UAVs in shaders would cause the Editor to crash. (988911, 1098906)

  • Graphics: Fixed appdata not zero-initialized in domain shader causing compiler error about out parameter not being fully initialized.

  • Graphics: Fixed edge/inside tesselation factors being improperly handled. (1065883)

  • Graphics: Fixed shader translation of RWTexture2D. (1103036)

  • Graphics: Fixed vertex/hull shader program translation into a tessellation compute kernel when there is no vertex input. (1086957)

  • IL2CPP: Fixed crash when using StructLayout attribute and specifying a Pack value. (1099207)

  • IL2CPP: Fixed not checking the managed thread id at thread creation time to prevent it from being overwritten if it has already been set. (1101331)

  • iOS: Make "textures used in draw call" use our hash_set instead of std::set. (1061553)

  • Prefabs: Fixed exceptions when right clicking on a nested Model Prefab and choosing Open Prefab Asset. It now shows the "Open Model" menu item instead like for non-nested models. (1102433, 1102759)

  • Prefabs: Fixed not possible to revert and apply default override properties via the property context menu again, as in previous versions of Unity. (1104791)

  • Prefabs: Fixed PrefabUtility.GetAddedGameObjects so it doesn't return added GameObjects that are themselves under added GameObjects. This is consistent with what we show in the Overrides dropdown. (1104805)

  • Prefabs: Fixed that after building a Player opening Prefab Mode fails with: 'Could not detect a Prefab root after loading'. (1107035)

  • SceneManager: Fixed editor crashing when creating a prefab of a GameObject whose parent's prefab instance is missing. (1107518)

  • Scripting: Editor: Fixed potential crash when deleting Assembly Definition Files (.asmdefs) in packages. (1101390)

  • Scripting: Fixed extreme rarely crash in Component.GetComponentsInChildren. (1088900)

  • Scripting: Fixed plugins explicitly referencing from Assembly Definitions. (1110434)

  • Scripting Upgrade: Fixed crash when debugger invoked method with ref return. (1076527)

  • Shaders: Fixed ComputeShader.SetTextureFromGlobal() to work with 3d textures. (1088840, 1104047)

  • Shaders: Fixed Shader bundle does not rebuild when changing an included HLSL file. (1064917)

  • Terrain: Fixed single pixel border artifact for height and collider after Undoing paint operation. (1104915)

Changeset: bb579dc42f1d


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