Unity 2017.4.11

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  • XR: Enabled Oculus Asymmetric FOV support.


  • (955711) - 2D: Fix Compressed ETC Variant Sprite Atlases become corrupted when changing their scale with target platform set to Android.
  • (953849) - Android: Fixes issue where Android keyboard crashes app when selecting text in Input field on some Sony and Samsung devices.
  • (None) - Animation: Changed default StateMachine node width so that all nodes align vertically.
  • (1066253) - Editor: Fixed an issue where supply a null parameter to UpdateTransformMask would cause Unity to crash while importing/re-importing - an FBX asset.
  • (975732) - Editor: Fix assets are not created from drop down menu if any projectSettings are opened in inspector.
  • (1010840) - Editor: GPU Profiling depends on the real state of graphics jobs and not project settings; '-force-gfx-jobs off' will allow profiling - and profiling in Editor is now possible.
  • (1065223) - IL2CPP: Fixed deadlock on exit when calling back to managed code on a thread that doesn't exit before player shutdown.
  • (1071863 (1027837)) - Input: Fixed mouse event callbacks for multiple camera viewports.
  • (1076353 (1054444)) - Physics: Fixed a crash triggered by changing cook option on a deactivated mesh collider.
  • (1076350 (1025263)) - Physics: Fix a performance regression when using Continuous collision detection on kinematic bodies.
  • (1072966 (825035)) (1043613) - Prefab: Reverting changes on applied prefab - crashes Unity.
  • (1006498 (996666)) - Profiler: Fixed self profiling errors in deep profiling mode.
  • (1073342) - PS4: Billboarding tree rendering now works correctly when using PSVR.
  • (1051378) - UI: Fixed issue where animation would take precedence over layout component positioning.
  • (None) - Version Control: Editor Fix potential crash when calling Provider.GetLatest Jake Turner.
  • (1072548) - Vita: Fixed failure when creating Vita patch packages containing files of 2GB or larger.
  • (1029569) - XR: Fix failure to render Splash Screen when using Oculus.
  • (1067986 (1025433) - XR: Fix Play mode crash when continually running Windows MR in editor.

Revision: 8c6b8ef6d111


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