Unity 2017.4.10

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  • Editor: Reduced enter play mode and recompile time by optimizing EditorCompilationInterface.GetTargetAssembly and EditorCompilationInterface.GetTargetAssembliesWithScripts. Has a high impact on projects with lots of scripts and lots of .asmdef files
  • XR: Updated Oculus to version 1.27.1.


  • (1035312) - 2D: Fixed sprite not being loaded from Sprite Atlas issue when referenced anywhere in the scene.
  • (1058281) - Android: Fixed crash on 'crnlib::crn_comp::append_chunks' when Packing Sprite atlas.
  • (1046581) - Android: Fixed problem with graphical corruption when screen resolution is changed.
  • (1048647) - Android: Fixed instant apps not being correctly signed.
  • (1041327) - Animation: Fixed crash on race condition when deleting Animation component and MeshRenderer under high stress.
  • (1061418) - Asset Bundles: Fixed an issue where building bundles could cause a hang in the Editor.
  • (943254) - Collab: Fixed a bug where Collab Toolbar would sometimes get stuck after downloading changes that caused conflicts.
  • (1021955) - Editor: Fixed Editor hanging when encountering exceptions or errors in BatchMode.
  • (1048493) - Editor: Search in project and hierarchy/scene now only starts after the user has finished typing.
  • (1030584) - Editor: Fixed crash while packing a huge sprite with sprite atlas when the graphics API is set to D3D11 or D3D12).
  • (997622) - Editor - Other: Fixed detached Editor windows going behind the Editor when clicked outside issue.
  • (1033074) - Global Illumination: Fixed area lights not being correctly sampled from probes in Progressive Lightmapper.
  • (1063738) - Graphics: Fixed a crash on shutdown when using compute shaders.
  • (970038) - Graphics: Improved CPU performance running GLES3 on some Android devices particularly for scenes with large number of draw calls.
  • (1063289) - iOS: Fixed splash screenshowing incorrectly after initially showing correctly on iPhone.
  • (1038876) - Mobile: Fixed GLSL uniform arrays on android 4.* VideoCore and Vivante GPU.
  • (1064232) - Particles: Fixed unnecessary sync of Light Transforms when using the Particle System Lights module.
  • (1005502) - Scripting: Fixed crash when MonoImporter.SetExecutionOrder is called from RuntimeInitializeOnLoadMethod.
  • (None) - Scripting: Fixed random memory corruption and crash usually surfaced during liveness.
  • (987068) - Shuriken: Fixed Timeline Control Track not applying start delay to particles.
  • (1046113) - VR: Updated copy of warning and log message when using Canvas screen space overlay render mode when VR is enabled.
  • (1051206) - Vuforia: Fixed exception being thrown when building iOS project with Vuforia's plugin.
  • (None) - XR: Fixed nullptr returns for XRDevice.GetNativeSDKPointer() when using Oculus.

Revision: f2cce2a5991f


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