Unity 2018.3.0 Beta 2

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2018.3.0b2 Release Notes

Known Issues in 2018.3.0b2

  • Asset Import: Some packages may experience significant slowdowns during asset import. (1079615)

  • GI: Particle lights not working (since 2018.3.0a8). (1071867)

  • iOS: Empty project build crashes with in PlatformInfoDispatcher.ReportAnalyticsData on iOS devices (1077832)

  • Linux: Linux executable doesn't launch and has incorrect icon. (1047075)

  • Metal: Performance degradation on iOS devices. (1064796)

  • Playables: Crash in playables after upgrading project. (1080024)

  • Player: Performance degradation in async scene loading. (1053882)

  • Profiler: Profiler window does not show data after loading saved samples (1061350)

  • Profiler: RenderPipelineManager.CleanupRenderPipeline() increasing Alocated Memory every 20 seconds (1054358)

  • UI: UI module is not detected when upgrading project from 2018.2 to 2018.3. (1046685)

New 2018.3.0b2 Entries Since 2018.3.0b1


  • Particles: We now expose a culling mode option, giving users control over particle simulation whilst offscreen. (765905)

  • Timeline: Improved performance and reduced allocations when playing a Timeline.


  • Animation: Fixed case of Animation Window Add Properties DropDown Menu size not matching its content size. (1056393)

  • Animation: Fixed case of error messages being thrown when zooming in too much in Curve Editor. (1064815)

  • Animation: Fixed issue where OnStateIK would fire unexpectedly on all layer with IK pass on. (1064994)

  • Animation: Fixed root motion evaluation in humanoid characters when manually calling animator.Update(0). (1064826)

2018.3.0b2 Entries Already Released in 2018.2


  • Animation: Fixed case of avatar preview pan position being reset when editing animation events. (1067998)

  • Animation: Fixed case of interrupted transition clearing controller parameter values. (1053433)

  • Animation: Fixed issue whereby some Animator component properties were keyable in the animation window while not being animatable. (1071173)

  • Animation: Fixed NullReferenceException when entering Play Mode with Animator Parameter window open. (1052763)

  • Mobile: Fixed flickering on objects when dynamic batching is enabled (1061477, 1078471)

  • Mobile: Fixed flickering on objects when dynamic batching is enabled (1061477, 1078471)

  • Prefabs: Fixed case of "PPtr cast failed when dereferencing! Casting from PrefabInstance to Prefab!" after upgrading CorridorDemo. (1065694, 1080628)

Minor Follow-up to Other 2018.3.0 Entries


  • Prefabs: We now show an "Auto Saving..." badge next to the 'Auto Save' toggle button when saving duration is over 1 second.


  • Android: Fixed a crash that was triggered after approving permissions at runtime. (1066562)

Preview of Final 2018.3.0b2 Release Notes


  • Android: Added AppBundle generation support.

  • Android: Added support for requesting permissions at runtime.

  • Android: Kotlin source files now can be used as plugins.

  • Android: OpenJDK will be included into Unity Android support, user will no longer be required to install Java.

  • Animation: Added SkinnedMeshRenderer.forceMatrixRecalculationPerRender. This property should be set in cases where the user would like to manually render a skinned mesh multiple times within a single update, an example of this would be rendering out the results of an animation to a texture

  • Asset Import: Added support for importing R16 textures

  • Editor: Added improvements to the window tabs: -Selected window tab is now highlighted using a blue outline -The width of the tab is now adjusted according to the length of the tab title -Scrolling through open tabs with arrows when number of open tabs exceeds the width of the window

  • Editor: Added view each channel in texture inspector

  • Editor: Introduced searchable Unified Settings window for Project Settings and Preferences

  • Editor: Rider installation path detection in Editor Preferences.

  • Facebook: Facebook platform now uses package manager for Facebook SDK management. Configuration is via the Facebook build settings (i.e. not the package manager UI).

  • GI: Added (baked lighting only) disc shaped area light type. Only available in the progressive lightmapper.

  • Graphics: Added memoryless framebuffer depth to iOS Metal.

  • Graphics: Added R16 texture & render targets support

  • Graphics: Added shadow bias options to Particles, Lines and Trails.

  • Graphics: Added texture 3D CopyTexture support.

  • Graphics: VFX editor runtime API.

  • IL2CPP: Added support for managed code debugging with IL2CPP on Xbox One.

  • Mobile: Added Dynamic Resolution Scaling support for Vulkan on Android and Metal on iOS.

  • Multiplayer: Added support for providing a custom network transport implementation to be used by Unity Multiplayer's high-level API. Refer to the documentation on UnityEngine.Networking.NetworkManager.activeTransport for details.

  • Package Manager: Added support for packages in the Project Browser.

  • Particles: Added option to disable roll on billboard particles, which is particularly useful for VR applications.

  • Particles: Added Ringbuffer mode, for persistent effects such as footprints or bullet holes.

  • Particles: New ParticleSystemForceField Component and External Forces Module update.

  • Particles: Ordered Mesh shape emission: emit particles in a deterministic sequence from meshes.

  • Physics: Added complete set of non-allocating 2D queries to new multi-scene PhysicsScene2D type.

  • Physics: Added the ability to have a per-scene physics world allowing separate simulation and queries (3D physics).

  • Physics: Added the ability to have a per-scene physics world allowing separate simulation and queries.

  • Physics: Support Box , Capsule and Sphere casts in aysnc query command

  • Playables: Exposed the time wrap mode for Playables.

  • Playables: Implemented a method to send notifications through the playable system.

  • Player: [Also mentioned under API Changes] Added AssetBundle.RecompressAssetBundleAsync API to re-compress downloaded AssetBundles from one compression methodology to another runtime supported compression methodology. Moved BuildCompression, CompressionLevel and CompressionType out of the UnityEditor.Experimental.Build.AssetBundle namespace and into UnityEngine.

  • Prefabs: New Improved Prefab Workflows (Not preview nor Experimental) Prefabs landing page

  • Profiler: Added backend for Memory Profiler V2.

  • Scripting: Added managed memory profiler support for Mono .NET 4.x. E.g. UnityEditor.MemoryProfiler.MemorySnapshot APIs.

  • Scripting Upgrade: Enabled Roslyn compiler and C# 7.2 when targeting the new scripting runtime.

  • Scripting Upgrade: The .NET 4.x scripting runtime is now the default. The .NET 2.0 scripting runtime has been deprecated and support for it .NET 2.0 will be removed in a future release.

  • Terrain: Terrain system improvements:

    • Introducing Brush and TerrainLayer assets
    • Added instanced drawing mode reducing the number of drawcalls by about 2 orders of magnitude.
    • Tools for creating adjacent terrain tiles
    • Seamless painting across terrain tiles
    • Autoconnection of terrain tiles
    • Basemap calculation moved to the GPU
    • Terrain paint tools have been moved to the GPU
    • Introducing terrain stamp tool.
  • XR: Added VR single-pass stereo support for Vulkan and OpenVR using double wide texture.

Backwards Compatibility Breaking Changes

  • AI: The maximum number of OffMeshLinks that can be autogenerated and loaded in a static scene NavMesh has been set to 65535.

  • Android: Deprecated Internal build system

  • Android: Remove fastzip support

  • Android: Vulkan is now only considered on Adreno 4xx devices when Vulkan is the only selected Graphics API

  • Asset Import: Reorganized ModelImporter inspector Model panel.

  • Audio: Simplified audio profiler view so that it is consistent with other profiler panes. The detailed view also enables audio profiling, so that this is only performed when actually needed.

  • Editor: Added 'Find references in scene' to Component context menus.

  • Editor: Assemblies built in the editor for the .NET 4.x scripting runtime will now always have NET_4_6 define set regardless of when .NET STandard 2.0 scripting profile is choosen (NET_STANDARD_2_0 define). As the scripting profile setting only affects players and .NET 4.6 scripting profile is always used in the editor.

  • Editor: Changed ParticleSystem module headers to only track the enabled state property instead of all properties and added Property menu choices to right clicking on the headers.

  • Editor: Event queueing in UIElements: events generated while processing an event are now processed after the current event finishes processing, instead of being processed immediately. As a consequence, event order may change compared to what it was previously, but is now coherent for all elements in a hierarchy.

  • Editor: In USS files, flex N now means flex N 0 auto. It previously meant flex N 0 0.

  • Editor: The UXML factory related API has changed. The old API is now marked obsolete.

  • Editor: We no longer show the Services window automatically in any situation.

  • GI: Renamed 'Recompile RSLS Shaders' menu item to "Recompile lightmapping shaders".

  • Package Manager: Packages assets are now hidden in the object selector.

  • Particles: The Legacy Particle System has been removed.

  • Scripting Upgrade: Updated default API Compatibility Level to .NET Standard 2.0.

  • Web: WWW is now obsolete. Use UnityWebRequest instead.

  • WebGL: Added asm.js deprecation warning.

  • WebGL: Enabled WebAssembly traps in Development builds.

  • WebGL: Removed caching support for compiled WebAssembly module.

  • WebGL: Removed usage of glGetProcAddress

  • WebGL: WebAssembly is now the default Linker Target on new WebGL projects.

  • XR: Oculus support moved to a package. The package automatically downloads when Oculus is added to the Virtual Reality SDKs list.

  • XR: OpenVR support moved to a package. The package automatically downloads when OpenVR is added to the Virtual Reality SDKs list.

  • XR: Windows Mixed Reality support moved to a package. The package automatically downloads when Hololens/WindowsMR is added to the Virtual Reality SDKs list.


  • Android: Disabled Android TV by default for new projects.

  • Build Pipeline: Calling BuildPipeline.BuildPlayer while scripts are being compiled will now wait for compilation to complete before beginning the build process, rather than aborting compilation.

  • Editor: Removed undocumented behavior where pressing the F key twice in rapid succession would execute Edit->Lock View to Selected instead of simply Edit->Frame Selected. Use the hotkey bound to the latter menu item instead when that behavior is desired.

  • iOS: iOS/tvOS simulators players are now distributed as dylibs.

  • iOS: The Mono scripting backend has been marked as deprecated.

  • Particles: It is now possible to flip a percentage of mesh particles, in the same way that was previously only possible with billboards.

  • Particles: The Unlit Particle Standard Shader is now applied by default when creating new Particle Systems.

  • Windows: The Vulkan editor support on Windows and Linux is no longer considered experimental. The "Enable Vulkan editor support" checkbox has been removed.


  • 2D: Added an option in Sprite Editor to display pivot position in pixels and snap pivot to pixels when you drag it.

  • 2D: Added Isometric support for 2D Tilemap.

  • 2D: Added support for custom axis sorting and Sorting Groups in SRP.

  • 2D: Added the Z Position Editor to the Tile Palette Brush Inspector, that allows users to adjust the Z Position of the Tile Palette Paint Brush. Keyboard shortcuts '-' and '=' can be used to adjust the Z Position value as well.

  • AI: Faster unloading of a scene that contains a large number of autogenerated OffMeshLinks.

  • Android: Added option to start Android app in non-fullscreen mode. (977660)

  • Android: Added WebCamTexture acceleration for Android 5.0 and later.

  • Android: Android NDK has been updated to r16b.

  • Android: Automatically populate min / target android api level dropboxes in the editor

  • Android: Improved performance of memory stats gathering when profiler is enabled.

  • Android: Improved player loading time on Android devices.

  • Android: Include public classes from Android extensions in the Unity API reference docs

  • Android: Reduced build time when building multiple APKs (for different CPU architectures). This only affects the internal build system.

  • Android: We now pass -d switch to adb install to allow version downgrade.

  • Android: We now set JAVA_HOME to point to the jdk path set in Unity Editor. (961766)

  • Android: We now use use apkzlib by default to pack apk. The "Use legacy SDK tools" checkbox in build settings can be used to force using aapt / apkbuilder instead.

  • Animation: Added Reset functionality to the Animation component and Legacy Animation Clip. (994291)

  • Animation: Added IAnimationClipSource interface to let MonoBehaviour components provide a list of clips to the Animation Window.

  • Animation: Animation performance improvement: Reduce animator polling for events

  • Animation: Animator will not automatically create an empty output when it doesn't have an AnimatorController assigned

  • Animation: Batched Animator Jobs to avoid scheduling overhead on large amounts of jobs

  • Animation: Changed default StateMachine node width so that all nodes align vertically.

  • Animation: Implemented shift-click and right-click context menu to add properties in animation window without closing popup window.

  • Animation: Improved Animation system's root transformation/motion

  • Animation: Improved Animator temporary allocation scheme

  • Animation: Improved memory reporting of some animation classes.

  • Apple TV: Enabled display P3 color gamut for compatible tvOS devices

  • Asset Import: Added UseSRGBMaterialColor option in Model Importer to convert material albedo colors. (1033503)

  • Asset Import: Fixed inconsistency when using some ModelImporter properties from their serialization vs. inspector.

  • Asset Import: New UI for AvatarMask inspector and ModelImporter Animation panel for the Mask section.

    • Added a SearchBar.
    • Multiselection and keyboard navigation is now supported.
    • Using ALT/CMD to collapse or enable/disable the entire hierarchy is now supported.
  • Asset Import: SpeedTree import changes:

    • Added option to import materials as sub-assets, making the import deterministic.
    • Added support for workflows using material sub-assets, similar to the ModelImporter.
  • Compute: ComputeBuffer.GetData and ComputeBuffer.SetData will now throw exceptions when bad values for arguments are provided: offset/size is checked more strictly (for one argument version we assume offset 0 and size same as of container provided), and compatibility between c# type size and ComputeBuffer stride is checked

  • Docs: Expanded the documentation of the SerializedObject class.

  • Editor: (Also mentioned under API Changes) Improved EditorGUI.EnumPopup and EditorGUI.EnumFlagsField:

    • Enum options now display in the order of declaration instead of the order of value.
    • Added support for [DescriptionAttribute] to change the display name of an Enum value.
    • Added includeObsolete parameter to allow showing obsolete Enum values in the Popup dropdown.
    • Added checkEnabled callback to allow disabling/enabling an option in the popup.
  • Editor: Added support for finding .asmdef assets with t:asmdef when using AssetDatabase.FindAssets and the Unity Editor project browser search field.

  • Editor: Added warning when assembly definition file (asmdef) assemblies are not loaded on startup where one or more of their asmdef references are not being compiled due to having no scripts. Also added warning when compiling asmdefs with no scripts in the Editor. (1041284)

  • Editor: Asset Bundles included in Read-Only folders can now be registered with the Caching system by adding the Read-Only folder path as a Cache.

  • Editor: Deleting a script now only triggers recompilation where strictly necessary, where previously it would recompile all scripts.

  • Editor: Disable menu item for deleting or renaming GameObjects marked NotEditable via context menu.

  • Editor: Edited Component Presets can now use Reset and Paste Component Values methods in the Preset inspector.

  • Editor: Enabled editing of multiple icons in the Inspector. (643017)

  • Editor: In USS files, flex-basis now accept the value auto.

  • Editor: MinMaxSliders now display horizontal/vertical resize cursors when hovering over the resize handles at their ends.

  • Editor: New UI for ExposedTransforms in the ModelImporter Rig panel when Optimize GameObject is selected:

    • Added a SearchBar with a filter to show only selected nodes.
    • Added support for multiselection and keyboard navigation.
    • Added support for using ALT/CMD to collapse or enable/disable the entire hierarchy.
  • Editor: Replaced animation condition dropdown with a searchable dropdown. (720995)

  • Editor: The Build Settings window now allows building a Development Headless Linux Standalone Player.

  • Editor: UIElement's scrollview scrolling speed now matches IMGUI's scrolling speed.

  • Editor: UIElements: Several UXML attributes and USS properties have been renamed, for consistency and alignment with CSS. See https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vS7LASgy1_Cdnr49isXGIVf6FWkNAOc56zGODfJbzPM/edit?usp=sharing for details

  • Editor: Updating and deleting a precompiled assembly (.NET plugin) with "Auto Referenced" disabled now only triggers recompilation where strictly necessary, where previously it would recompile all scripts.

  • Editor: Using new SerializedProperty.DataEquals method in the ModelImporter Animation panel to make the Clip Masks faster to refresh.

  • Editor: When switching between different Desktop Standalone platforms in Build Settings, the x64 architecture will now be selected by default.

  • GI: Added a debug view to display visible texels from the baked GI point of view, useful along view prioritization.

  • GI: Added support for configurable falloff for Enlighten lightmap baking.

  • GI: Added two GI profiling counters. One for pending albedo/emission renders and one for pending material updates.

  • GI: Lights from particle systems can now affect realtime GI if they have non-zero bounce intensity and realtime GI is enabled. ([832496](https://issuetracker.unity3d.com/issues/particle-bo


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