In-game Voice and Text Chat (Vivox)

Build communities with a scalable and cost-friendly communication solution that connects your players across distance and platform divides.

Build a vibrant player community

Over half of multiplayer gamers want to chat with their teammates. Voice and Text Chat (Vivox) enables better cooperative and competitive multiplayer experiences by letting your players communicate.

Adicione chat ao seu jogo em qualquer engine

Whether your game is built on Unity, Unreal, or another game engine, you can integrate player communications in less than two days and scale to any number of players.

Bring chat to your game, no matter the engine

Unlock cross-play friendly communication

Unlock cross-play friendly communication

If your game supports cross-platform play, Voice and Text Chat (Vivox) lets your players talk in-game, no matter which platform they’re playing on.

Technical features

3D positional voice chat

Make truly immersive worlds with Vivox like Zenith: The Last City using 3D positional channels that factor in player position and orientation.

2D voice chat

Leverage 2D walkie talkie-style channels like Rainbow Six Siege for teammates to communicate in their gaming sessions no matter where they are on the map.

Text chat

Empower players with another way to connect through integrated group chat and direct text messaging.

Player controls

Give players control over their gaming experience with muting, volume management, and more to suit their gaming habits.


Keep your game engaging for more players with key accessibility features like Speech-to-Text and Text-to-Speech.

SDKs for any engine

Leverage the Core SDK for custom engines or wrapped SDKs with direct support for the Unity and Unreal engines.

Vivox pairs well with these services

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Quick, out-of-the-box matchmaking

Tailor matches to your players with rules-based matchmaking supported by game server hosting that delivers what matters most to players – low latency and fast matches.

Extensible networking foundation

Discover our first-party netcode solution and get your hands on the libraries, tutorials, and samples you need to start building your multiplayer title. 


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In-game chat guide for developers
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Learn the basics of in-game player communications through voice and text chat to plan for your next project.

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Get fresh data on the habits and interests of gamers so you can develop a better multiplayer gaming experience for your players.

Build a vibrant community for your game

Great in-game comms are vital to improving retention and building a thriving community for your game. Sign up today to accelerate your speed to market and take advantage of AAA-proven services for your game.

Frequently asked questions about Voice and Text Chat (Vivox)

Can Vivox be used only with the Unity engine?

No, Vivox is engine agnostic, which means it can be used with Unity, Unreal, and other game engines. Vivox can also be integrated with custom engines using the Unity Core SDK.

Com quais plataformas de jogo a Vivox funciona?

Vivox works with all of the major platforms, including Xbox, PlayStation, PC, Android, and iOS, and more.

Quanto custa a Vivox?

For indie developers, Vivox is free for up to 5,000 peak concurrent users (PCUs). For enterprise-tier development, please contact us for pricing or log into the dev portal.

Quanto tempo leva para integrar a Vivox?

Integration time varies depending on your infrastructure, but the average integration takes two days with the help of our documentation and SDKs.

How do I get started with Vivox?

Start for free with Unity Gaming Services by creating an account or signing in with your Unity account.

If you are interested in Enterprise services and pricing, get in touch to speak to a member of our team. Contact us.

A Vivox oferece suporte a acessibilidade?

Sim. A Vivox oferece ferramentas e recursos, como as tecnologias de fala para texto e texto para fala, a fim de ajudar os desenvolvedores a cumprir as regulamentações, incluindo o Twenty-First Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act (CVAA).

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