2D ツールの進化

The latest 2D tools boost your productivity and the quality of your creations.

Hollow Knight: Silksong by Team Cherry, Made with Unity

皆さんに愛される 2D

From RPGs to match 3s, some of today’s most successful games are 2D, including 75% of the top- grossing mobile games.

Unity has enhanced 2D tools to help you create gorgeous 2D experiences. The workflows are more efficient so every member of your team – from artists and designers to animators and engineers – can achieve even more.


Beyond graphics, Unity now has all the essential features you need for 2D animation, world-building, and 2D physics, for projects of any scale on any platform. At the same time, the 2D Renderer gives you performant graphics and more creative possibilities with tools like Shader Graph and native 2D Lights and Shadows.

Lost Crypt is a sample project that showcases all of these 2D tools in action together. We built it with Unity 2019.3 beta, and it runs on desktop and mobile.

次のレベルの 2D 開発

All of the 2D tools are designed to work together seamlessly.

2D Animation


Rig Sprites and set up bones to create smooth, skeletal animation. Use it with the PSD Importer to directly access your layered artwork.


2D Lights


Enhance 2D visuals with different types of lights that feature easy-to-configure parameters like colors, intensity, fall-off, and blending effects.


シェーダーグラフのための 2D




Sprite Shape

視覚的で直観的なワークフローを使用して、豊かな自由形状および有機的な 2D 環境を作成し、スプライトのリソースを節約します。 

Sprite tools

2D プロジェクト用にアートアセットを設定して最適化します。よく利用されるラスター形式やベクター形式の一部を Unity 内で直接処理することもできます。