Unity for Humanity 峰会 2021

2021 年 10 月 12 日
美国东部时间上午 9:00


敢于梦想,为变革社会而创新。Unity for Humanity 峰会提出行动呼吁 - 利用 RT3D 技术为所有人构想、设计和创造一个更健康、更具包容性、公平和可持续的世界。

加入我们的行列,促进交流、了解新知识、启发灵感。这个全虚拟式、为期一天的峰会旨在表彰世界各地使用实时 3D (RT3D) 技术对社会和地球产生积极影响的创作者。免费报名,全面开放。

Watch the 2022 keynote

Take in an inspiring conversation between artist, producer, designer, and activist Rosario Dawson and social good warrior and entrepreneur Dr. David Washington. Together, they discuss Rosario’s sustainable fashion and nonprofit work, why positivity breeds innovation, and how technology can bring us all together around the virtual fire.

UFHS 2022 Speakers



Explore the 2022 content

Discover how creators are leveraging real-time 3D technology to spotlight pressing issues, design environmentally conscious systems, improve education, and build a viable future that we can all work towards.

Keynote: Connecting around the fire with Rosario Dawson
Join us for an inspiring conversation between artist, producer, designer, and activist Rosario Dawson and social good warrior and entrepreneur Dr. David Washington.

Activate your players: Nudging sustainable behavior and driving engagement
Learn how game developers are driving sustainability and empowering players to preserve the planet through in-game activations.

Art, activism, and RT3D for social justice
Hear from visionary creators leveraging technology to share authentic stories and experiences that educate, empower, reimagine equity and inclusion, and transform systems.

Crafting Heroes: Students building the future using HoloLens2  
Crafting Heroes welcomes over 150 kids to the District 11 High School XR Labs every day. Learn about this dynamic program and experience some of the XR work students have created using HoloLens 2.

Expanding health, wellness, and consciousness in the metaverse
Join innovative creators highlighting how they’re using immersive technology to promote health, wellness, and connection in ways that expand the human experience. 

Expanding XR innovation in post-secondary education
Hear from leaders in higher education and workforce development who are changing the landscape by increasing availability and access to quality educational XR experiences around the world.

From imagining to creating better worlds in RT3D
Join us for a conversation on translating ambitious visions into real-world action and impact with real-time 3D technology.

Leading the way: Meet the next generation of gaming industry talent
Hear from Spelman College, Generation Pakistan, and Urban Arts Partnership students who have kicked off their real-time 3D careers.

Leveraging digital twins for sustainability in the built environment
Join us for a moderated discussion about how organizations across the nonprofit, public, and private sectors are using real-time 3D for real-world sustainability impact.

Oceans and XR: Engaging, educating, and empowering marine conservation
Our oceans give us food, prosperity, and even the air we breathe. Join this session to learn how immersive media offer us opportunities to educate and engage people in marine conservation.

Social change and inclusive economic opportunities in the metaverse
Take in an engaging chat about the opportunities for real-time 3D creators to catalyze positive social impact in the metaverse and monetize their projects to create new economic opportunities.

Success, failure, and growing pains: Learnings from the 2021 Environmental Grant winners
In this session, last year’s Environmental Grant recipients share updates on their work and inspiration for fellow creators and changemakers.







在 Unity for Humanity Summit 社区空间里,与同行和 Unity 领导者交流,在创作者休息室里参与热烈的对话。





结识富有社会影响力的创作者,与活动家、非营利组织、慈善家和 Unity 社区建立联系,合作开展公益项目,并通过网络渠道结交新朋友。


与世界各地的创作者一起为富有社会影响力的创新欢呼,并了解其他人如何利用 Unity 帮助构建更美好的明天。您将从富有远见的演讲者和创作者那里获得启发,了解他们如何将热情转化为现实世界的变革。


Unity for Humanity 峰会是一个独一无二的机会,让您的公司或组织



在此阅读 Unity for Humanity 峰会 2021 促销抽奖活动的官方规则和条件。


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了解 Unity for Humanity 计划

鼓舞人心、增强能力 - 并支持有影响力的变革者。

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