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Drive success with augmented and virtual reality applications created from 3D product data.

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为什么要采用实时 3D 技术?

Unity’s real-time 3D technology enables you to:

  • Import, optimize, and visualize 3D and CAD data for real-time design and prototyping 
  • Build and deploy AR and VR applications
  • Create interactive sales and marketing experiences
  • Upgrade in-vehicle human-machine interfaces (HMI) with 3D maps and content

Top uses of automotive and transportation solutions

3D car design and product development

Use AR in automotive and product design to give global teams an immersive experience and avoid delays commonly associated with traditional 3D automotive rendering software.

Human-machine interface (HMI)

Reimagine how people connect to technology. Unity’s HMI software solution enables you to create new interfaces, from personal infotainment systems and head-up displays to augmented reality and digital instrument clusters.

Training and simulation

Help make learning more engaging and effective. VR training simulators provide interactive, immersive training environments proven to increase knowledge retention and improve safety in high-risk scenarios.

Sales and marketing

Accelerate consumer engagement and boost conversion with immersive shopping experiences made with Unity Industry.


Jan Pflueger, Coordination AR & VR, AUDI Center of Competence


Jan Pflueger, Coordination AR & VR, AUDI Center of Competence
Koichi Kayano, Project Manager, Operation Improvement Deparment, Toyota

“在丰田,我们使用Unity开发VR和AR工具来提高设计、工程设计和培训的效率和质量。这个平台真的非常灵活,可以支持任何我们想用的 VR/AR 设备。”

Koichi Kayano, Project Manager, Operation Improvement Deparment, Toyota
Unity Industry announcement

Unity Industry 介绍

Unity Industry 是一套供开发者在任何行业(如汽车、能源、制造、零售、工程等)中使用的产品和服务,可为 AR、VR、移动、桌面和 Web 平台构建定制的实时 3D 体验。解锁将 3D 和 CAD 用于创建、扩展和验证视觉效果的强大能力。

Wheel construction parts

Other products and services

Pixyz 插件

此 Unity 插件让开发者可以轻松地导入数据(CAD、网格和点云数据),并为实时 3D 应用程序创建经过优化的、随时可用的资源。


Unity Forma

Create interactive, real-time 3D product configurators and hyperrealistic visual assets.

Accelerate 解决方案

与 Unity 世界级的软件开发者、设计师和行业专家组成的团队合作,专门用于解决复杂的业务挑战。


Skid Loader GX7 Configurator

Interactive configurators, powered by Unity’s real-time 3D solutions, empower customers to explore a product and discover, choose, and purchase the features that matter most to them.

Try out our configurator demo of a GX7 Skid Loader and discover the possibilities of interactive 3D marketing for automotive and transportation.


Volvo Cars

Learn how Volvo Cars takes vehicles from concept to reality using real-time 3D technology.

开始实时 3D 之旅

Get hands-on with products from Unity, and learn how to import your CAD and 3D data and create world-class experiences across your business.


实时 3D 技术能带来哪些优势?

The foundational industrial use is to visualize data and build realistic, dynamic experiences from 3D models, such as computer-aided design (CAD) assemblies. These interactive digital twins of physical products open opportunities to enhance processes and workflows across the business, from R&D to operations and marketing.

Can I import my CAD data into Unity?


对于高度复杂的大型文件,你可以使用Pixyz Studio(手动处理)或Pixyz Scenario Processor(自动处理)来将CAD模型转换成可导入Unity的格式,比如预制件、FBX或glTF。

For more info visit the Pixyz information page.

我能购买 Unity 产品吗?

当然可以。To see a demo of our products please contact our sales team.

我需要哪些 Unity 产品才能开始使用?

Unity Industry is a suite of products and services specifically designed to get you started with real-time 3D. 它包括 Unity Enterprise、Pixyz Plugin CAD 和 3D 数据导入管线,以及优质的支持服务。


Unity 提供一系列的支持和学习选择。In addition, you can access free online courses via Unity Learn.


Unity 的世界级软件开发团队、设计师和行业专家团队合作,解决复杂的业务挑战。

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