Автоиндустрия, транспорт и производство

Усильте свой бизнес иммерсивной интерактивной визуализацией продуктов в 3D. Оформите подписку на Unity Industrial Collection, чтобы приступить к разработке приложений для виртуальной (AR) и дополненной (VR) реальности с RT3D-графикой на основе 3D-моделей продуктов.

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Why real-time 3D?

Unity’s real-time 3D technology enables you to:

  • Import, optimize, and visualize 3D and CAD data for real-time design and prototyping 
  • Build and deploy AR and VR applications
  • Create interactive sales and marketing experiences
  • Upgrade in-vehicle human-machine interfaces (HMI) with 3D maps and content

Top uses of automotive and transportation solutions

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3D car design and product development

Use AR in automotive and product design to give global teams an immersive experience and avoid delays commonly associated with traditional 3D automotive rendering software.

Human-machine interface (HMI)

Reimagine how people connect to technology. Unity’s HMI software solution enables you to create new interfaces, from personal infotainment systems and head-up displays to augmented reality and digital instrument clusters.

Training and simulation

Help make learning more engaging and effective. VR training simulators provide interactive, immersive training environments proven to increase knowledge retention and improve safety in high-risk scenarios.

Sales and marketing

Use specialized products that work with Unity Industrial Collection, like Unity Forma, to create innovative retail and marketing content that helps drive sales.

Нам доверяют тысячи лидеров и новаторов отрасли

Jan Pflueger, Coordination AR & VR, AUDI Center of Competence

«Инновации — ключевой принцип компании Audi. Благодаря Unity мы создаем иммерсивные и интерактивные среды в реальном времени, улучшая процессы взаимодействия сотрудников и ускоряя ход разработки и инноваций».

Jan Pflueger, Coordination AR & VR, AUDI Center of Competence
Koichi Kayano, Project Manager, Operation Improvement Deparment, Toyota

«Мы, сотрудники Toyota, используем Unity для разработки VR- и AR-инструментов, повышающих эффективность и качество дизайна, проектирования и обучения. Это необычайно гибкая платформа с поддержкой всех нужных нам VR/AR-устройств».

Koichi Kayano, Project Manager, Operation Improvement Deparment, Toyota

Skid Loader GX7 Configurator

Interactive configurators, powered by Unity’s real-time 3D solutions, empower customers to explore a product and discover, choose, and purchase the features that matter most to them.

Try out our configurator demo of a GX7 Skid Loader and discover the possibilities of interactive 3D marketing for automotive and transportation.

Success spotlight

Volvo Cars

Learn how Volvo Cars takes vehicles from concept to reality using real-time 3D technology.

Начните свое путешествие в мире RT3D

Получите продукты от Unity и нашего партнера PiXYZ, чтобы узнать на собственном опыте, насколько легко можно импортировать данные 3D и CAD для создания качественных приложений в помощь вашей работе.

Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of real-time 3D?

The foundational industrial use is to visualize data and build realistic, dynamic experiences from 3D models, such as computer-aided design (CAD) assemblies. These interactive digital twins of physical products open opportunities to enhance processes and workflows across the business, from R&D to operations and marketing.

Can I import my CAD data into Unity?

Yes. For basic interactive workflows, use Pixyz Plugin to directly import CAD files.

For highly complex, heavy data, you can use Pixyz Studio (interactive process) or Pixyz Scenario Processor (automated process) to preprocess your CAD model into a format that can be easily imported into Unity, including prefabs, FBX, and glTF.

For more info visit the Pixyz information page.

Can I get a demo of Unity products?

Of course. To see a demo of our products please contact our sales team.

What Unity products do I need to get started?

Unity Industrial Collection is a software bundle specifically designed to get you started with real-time 3D, including Unity Pro, CAD import, and support services.

What support and learning resources are available?

Unity offers a range of support and learning options. In addition, you can access free online courses via Unity Learn.

What are the options for consultation support?

Partner with Unity’s team of world-class software developers, designers, and industry experts who specialize in solving complex business challenges.

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