Unity 2018.2.14

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  • Asset Pipeline: Fixed crash when importing FBX containing a CameraSwitcher node. (1083284, 1086520)

  • Build Pipeline: Clarified size values presented by the Build Report. (1006704)

  • Editor: Fixed shift+delete project asset deletion not working. (1057094, 1062584)

  • GI: Fixed an issue where, in forward rendering, no shadow casting light using LPPVs would use baked occlusion even if they should not.

  • Graphics: Fixed dynamic batching with tangents and unused normals. (1069184)

  • iOS: Fixed TLS error using WebSockets when certificate chain includes root certificate. (1082184, 1091206)

  • Mobile: Fixed a crash when creating Texture2DArray in ETC format on Adreno 3xx on devices with Android 4.4. (1077349)

  • Particles: Fixed some confusing behaviour and messages regarding non-read/write meshes on the shape module and renderer. (1084398, 1084858)

  • Scripting: Fixed error in CSharpNameParser when parsing conditional directives. (1077417)

  • Video: Fixed Video build error on headless server. (1053877)

  • VR: Fixed issue of error spam when depth buffer sharing was enabled during Holographic Remoting or Simulation. (1047269)

  • Vulkan: Fixed [iOS] Crash in Animator Controller destructor with DeallocateResources. (1046701)

Revision: 3262fb3b0716


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