FAQ: Unity Industry

The following frequently asked questions address the new Unity Industry plan, and changes made to the product offerings for Unity’s industrial customers.


Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

What is Unity Industry?

Unity Industry is a new suite of products and services that includes Unity Enterprise, Industry Success, Pixyz Plugin, and other software and services. It is a successor to the Unity Industrial Collection, which will be deprecated this year.

Unity Industry includes:

✓ Everything in Unity Enterprise

    ✓ Unity Enterprise version of the Unity Editor 

    ✓ Build Server licenses
    ✓ Extended 3-year LTS (Long-Term Support)

    ✓ Source-code Access 

✓ Pixyz Plugin

✓ Industry Success

    ✓ Rapid response technical support 

    ✓ On-Demand Training (300+ hours)
    ✓ Dedicated Unity Advisor 

    ✓ Product activation engagement (1 month)

    ✓ Customer onboarding engagement (3 months)

To learn more, visit the Unity Industry product page.

Why was Unity Industry created?

After hearing from our customers in the automotive, manufacturing, government, architecture, energy, and retail industries, we have recognized the distinct needs among this audience that extend beyond those of our gaming customers.

Industry customers ask for more support in onboarding growing teams, face time-to-market pressure to deliver differentiating experiences, and need to integrate cutting edge technologies, standards, and real-world data into their experiences to stay ahead of the competition. 

By combining Unity Enterprise and Industry Success, we deliver industry teams the powerful tools and expert support they need to scale proof of concepts into valuable experiences, get to market faster, and overcome technical roadblocks. 

Unity Industry is a suite of our best and most-used products and services that we believe is the best offering for Industry customers to scale their businesses. Unity Industry also presents an opportunity to continue investing in the features that matter most to our industry customers. 


How can I purchase Unity Industry?
You can either buy a license online, or contact Unity Sales to inquire about Unity Industry. Standalone or floating licenses are available.
How do I upgrade from Unity Pro to Unity Industry?

You can upgrade a license of Unity Pro by contacting your account manager if you purchased through sales, or you can upgrade through Unity ID if you purchased online. 

To upgrade your Unity Pro license to Unity Industry: 

  1. Log in to your Unity ID at id.unity.com. 
  2. Navigate to Organizations, and select the organization associated with your Unity Pro license. 
  3. Navigate to Subscriptions and Services from the left menu, find your Unity pro plan, and click Manage Seats
  4. Press the “Upgrade Plan” button to start your upgrade to Unity Industry. 

If you run into any problems with your online upgrade, contact our experts who can help you complete your upgrade.

Is there an Education Discount available?
Educational facilities can use their current Unity Editor licenses to teach Industry’s workflows, and add the Pixyz Plugin EDU license. Unity Industry is not a recommended solution for general Education audiences.
Are there trial versions available?

Unity Industrial Collection Deprecation FAQ

Why are we deprecating Unity Industrial Collection (UIC)?

While Unity Industrial Collection was a valuable tool for many industrial creators, we recognize that it had limitations. After listening to feedback from our customers, we realized that the support offered with UIC wasn’t meeting the demands of industrial creators and that too many of the packages in Unity Industrial Collection were going unused by the wide majority of customers. With Unity Industry, we wanted to provide a seamless upgrade path for most customers that would provide more of the components that industry developers need. 

Unity Industry is an upgrade on the existing Unity Industrial Collection bundle. It combines Unity Enterprise (instead of Unity Pro) with Pixyz Plugin and a new support offering, Industry Success. Industry Success gives your team access to On-Demand Training licenses and dedicated advisors, including customer onboarding, 1 month of product activation engagement, and more. 
We believe Industry is the best Unity product for your needs, and encourage you to contact Unity sales to discuss your upgrade options and learn more about Unity Industry.

What are the differences between Unity Industrial Collection and Unity Industry?

Unity Industry is an upgrade on most elements of Unity Industrial Collection. 

New and Improved: 

  • Unity Industry upgrades the Unity Pro included in UIC to Unity Enterprise, and includes all the associated Enterprise benefits. Unity Enterprise includes extended 3-year Long Term Support (LTS), access to read-only source code, build server licenses, and more. 
  • Unity Industry improves on Starter Success, the success package included in UIC, with Industry Success, including on-demand training, 1-month product activation, 3-month customer onboarding, and more. 

Retained from Unity Industrial Collection: 

  • Pixyz Plugin, a tool designed to import any CAD/3D data from the world’s most popular 3D modeling software, continues to be part of Unity Industry. 
  • Unity Mars and Havok Physics for Unity, which were added to UIC in October 2022, will also be included in Unity Industry. 

Not retained from Unity Industrial Collection: 

  • SystemGraph and SensorSDK.
When is Unity Industrial Collection being deprecated?

Unity Industrial Collection is deprecated starting April 3, 2023. New customers interested in accessing the Unity Editor should purchase Unity Industry. 

Existing customers will have six months, until October 2, 2023, to renew or add 1-year seats of UIC. On October 3, 2023, no licenses of UIC can be purchased or renewed. Existing subscriptions and subscriptions renewed or added during the 6-month grace period will be supported until the end of your contract terms, with the exception of SystemGraph & SensorSDK packages. Current users of System Graph or SensorSDK have until 04/04/2024 to identify an alternative solution.


What are my options to renew or upgrade as an existing Unity Industrial Collection subscriber?

As a current UIC customer, from April 3, 2023 until October 3, 2023, you may:

  • Upgrade your UIC subscription to Unity Industry. 
  • Renew your current subscription (and existing features and entitlements) for one extra year (at the current list price, e.g. $2,950 per standalone UIC seat)
    • If your renewal takes place between October 3, 2023 and April 3, 2024, you can early-renew your current subscription for one extra year at the current list price. Early renewal does not change the date your subscription starts and ends.
  • Purchase one or more additional seats of UIC at the current price, for a one year term. 

At the end of your current subscription, your UIC license will expire.


How do I upgrade from Unity Industrial Collection to Unity Industry?

Please reach out to your account rep or contact sales to upgrade from Unity Industrial Collection to Unity Industry.

Will projects built with Unity Industrial Collection work in Unity Industry?
Projects built with Unity Industrial Collection will be unaffected by switching to Unity Industry, with a few exceptions: projects including deprecated packages, namely SystemGraph, and SensorSDK.
Why are SystemGraph and SensorSDK being deprecated?
We believe that the Unity Editor is the best tool for developers building digital twins of operational systems and sensors. With this belief,  we have made the strategic shift to move away from creating industrial packages on top of the Editor, instead making sure the Editor is the best product for games and industrial customers.  Sunsetting SystemGraph and SensorSDK is part of that effort. 
What should I do if I need access to a deprecated package?
SystemGraph and SensorSDK will continue to be supported for Unity Industrial Collection license holders until April 4, 2024, giving most users one year to find an alternative. If similar functionality is needed, contact your sales representative to work with our Accelerate Solutions teams on finding a solution. 

Industry Success FAQ

What is Industry Success?

Your Unity Industry subscription comes with Industry Success, a support plan that offers guided onboarding assistance, over 300 hours of on-demand training, and a dedicated Unity representative to help your team through challenges. Industry Success scales up with the amount of licenses you have, offering additional benefits to customers with 10+ seats.

Industry Success Includes:

  • Access to 300+ hours of on-demand training for each seat purchased
  • 1-month Product Activation engagement to help you get started with your products
    • Product Activation support provided through documentation, training videos and a technical point of contact to ensure you a set up technically to start your Unity Journey. 
  • Rapid response times on technical support tickets
    • 1-9 licenses: Standard tier 2 technical support (48-hour guaranteed response times)
    • 10+ licenses: Premium tier 3 Technical Support (12-hour guaranteed response times)
  • A dedicated Unity representative
    • [1-9 seats] Partner Advisor support:

      • Guided 90 day Customer onboarding
      • Quarterly Check-Ins with your dedicated advisor 
      • Webinars led by our Unity Experts on hot topics 
    • [10+ seats] PRM support: 
      • Continuous product onboarding and proactive support guided by single point of contact 
      • Monthly Check In with your dedicated advisor
      • Reviews of on-demand training needs
      • Reviews of customer support engagement to ensure they are maximizing the value received from their support contract
      • Business reviews at months 3 & 9
How does Industry Success compare to Enterprise Success or Starter Success?

Unity Industry Success is an upgrade to the Enterprise Success that comes with Unity Enterprise, with additional add-ons and lower seat count thresholds to access higher tiers of support. 

Industry Success includes a new engagement, Product Activation, a 1-month engagement with a technical Unity resource to make sure team members get access to everything their license entitles them to. 

Every seat of Unity Industry comes with a license for On-Demand Training, which includes access to 300+ hours of content on editor basics, lighting, deployment, optimization and more. In Enterprise Success plans, seats of On-Demand Training are limited and shared between an organization, and in Starter Success plans, only one course is available per license. 

Unity Industry also changes the thresholds for accessing higher tiers of support and dedicated advisors - organizations with 10+ seats of Unity Industry will have access to Partner Relationship Managers (PRMs) who do regular, proactive check ins. They will also have access to Premium Support, while those limits are 20+ seats for Enterprise Success plans. Starter Success does not have access to dedicated advisors or Premium Support.


Terms of Service (ToS) Change FAQ

What has changed for Industry customers?

Starting April 3, 2023, Unity Industry is the required path to using the Unity Editor for most industry customers.

Industry customers are defined as customers creating experiences outside of games, entertainment, and education - this includes, but is not limited to, automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, government, architecture, engineering, construction, energy, and retail sectors.

If an industry organization has total finances less than $1M USD per year, they can use Unity Pro, Unity Enterprise, or Unity Industry. If they make more than $1M USD per year, per the terms of service, they must use Unity Industry.


When will the Terms of Service take effect?

Terms of service will apply when you renew your Unity Editor plan, or purchase new seats. These changes to the terms of service do not apply to existing plans until renewal.

The terms of service go into effect for new customers starting April 3, 2023. 

To help existing Unity Pro, Unity Enterprise, and Unity Industrial Collection customers transition, we are offering a six-month  period from April 3, 2023 to October 3, 2023, during which time industry customers on an existing Unity plan can renew or add seats of Unity Pro, Unity Enterprise, or Unity Industrial Collection to an existing organization. To take advantage of this offer, contact your sales representative.


Where can I learn more?
To read the terms of service, including a detailed FAQ, click here.

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