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Better workforce training outcomes at lower costs
Drive skills retention with interactive 3D training that builds deeper connections to your products, facilities, processes, and jobs.
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Level up learning and training

Immersive 3D training apps powered by Unity help teams:

  • Reduce training costs, time, and travel
  • Increase worker competency and knowledge retention
  • Minimize operational disruptions due to downtime or damaged equipment during training
  • Train safer by simulating rare or risky scenarios instead of reproducing them in the real world

Unity Industry for immersive training

Unity Industry is a suite of products and services that allows developers to import accurate replicas of products and facilities, craft custom training apps that simulate any job or task, and deploy them to AR, VR, mobile, desktop, and web.

Skanska: Accident-awareness VR training
Skanska: Worker safety VR training

Skanska, one of the world’s largest construction companies, with the help of creative agency OutHere, implemented highly realistic VR scenarios into its worker-safety training program for better awareness and fewer accidents. Onsite workers are 73% more aware of site risks after completing VR training on operating construction equipment and risky procedures.

Two people working at HR Wallingford
HR Wallingford: Pilot training for ports

Effective pilot training is critical to ensure massive cargo ships are safely navigated into complex locations. That’s why HR Wallingford, a leader in hydraulic research, uses Unity technology to create and run innovative ship simulators at their interactive training and education facilities.

VirtaMed: True-to-life simulator
VirtaMed: True-to-life simulator

VirtaMed’s hyperrealistic mixed reality simulator recreates complex surgical training scenarios using a digital twin of the abdomen. Discover how embracing Unity’s technology helped the company reduce training costs and risks.

Galderma: Anatomy training at scale
Galderma: Anatomy training at scale

Galderma, the world’s largest independent dermatological pharmaceutical company, improves patient outcomes with its innovative iPad app, which provides an immersive training experience to more than 50,000 healthcare workers.

Why Unity for immersive training
Extensible and customizable

Unity supports scripting in C# and open APIs, providing an incredibly rich development environment to customize training solutions to your needs.

Import accurate 3D datasets

Accelerate content creation by turning your engineering CAD and BIM facility and product data into accurate, functional 3D assets with Pixyz data preparation.

#1 for AR and VR

Unity is the leading platform for creating content for augmented and virtual reality (AR and VR) applications, which provide immersive and engaging environments for learning and training.

Multiplatform support

Build once and deploy anywhere. Deliver training applications to more than 20 platforms, including iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Meta Quest, Apple Vision Pro, and more.

Better preparation with simulation

Unity makes it simple to create a huge number of playable scenarios, including rare or dangerous events, using the same set of facilities and assets you’ve already created for your core processes.

Integration with your systems

Extend immersive training content into existing systems such as your learning management system (LMS), manufacturing execution system (MES), or product lifecycle management (PLM) system, among others.

7 tech trends in industrial VR training
7 tech trends in industrial VR training

Discover why companies are embracing immersive training to increase knowledge retention, improve safety, and more.

Immersive training for plants and job sites
Immersive training for plants and jobsites

Learn how to use Unity’s XR solutions to create your own immersive training applications for industrial sites – no prior experience needed.

Immersive training resources
Immersive training resources

Check out the latest content and customer stories from Unity related to immersive training.

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Build the future with Unity Industry

Build immersive experiences that differentiate your business with professional real-time 3D creation tools for desktop, web, mobile, AR, and VR – backed by enterprise-level support – to ensure on-time results.

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