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Mobile app monetization
Максимизируйте доходы от мобильных приложений
Раскройте весь потенциал доходов вашего приложения с помощью самой передовой технологии и надежного набора инструментов на рынке.
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Unity LevelPlay

Drive more revenue with LevelPlay’s suite of powerful optimization tools, which provide the most competitive in-app auction, live data reporting, and hands-on guidance – all delivered by a team of experts dedicated to your success.

Повышение доходов от приложений
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Unity Ads

Maximize your games revenue by connecting to premium ad demand, incorporating diverse ad formats, and controlling experiences directly from the Unity Dashboard.

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ironSource Ads

From high-impact rewarded videos to banner/MRECs, monetize your mobile app across every ad placement with access to premium demand from today’s top games and brands.

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Tapjoy Offerwall

Expand your app monetization strategy with the offerwall, an ad unit that acts like a rewarded marketplace, offering users in-app currency in exchange for completing in-game tasks. Offerwalls can boost engagement and revenue, and since they are completely user-initiated, they can improve user experience.

Программные решения

Связь с ведущими источниками спроса

An established player in the programmatic video advertising market, both the ironSource and Unity Ads Exchanges specialize in connecting developers with top DSPs and brands. Serve quality ads and easily break down revenue, win rates, and more for full visibility into your monetization performance.

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Контролируйте содержимое вашего приложения

Get full visibility into the ads running in your app with Ad Quality. This will optimize user experience and ensure network compliance by identifying which ads work well and what causes churn, while removing any inappropriate content that can bring down ratings.

Аналитическое искусство

Анализ и оптимизация производительности

Get full transparency into your data to manage and optimize monetization – like engagement rate, usage rate, daily-engaged users, and more. In real-time, you can compare metrics over time, visualize live performance, and analyze multiple KPIs simultaneously.

Истории успеха
Искусство города Джем
Город Джем

“What we’ve seen with Unity LevelPlay and in-app bidding, in terms of performance, has been strong. When you combine that with the A/B testing tool, it’s really powerful.”

Пример из практики Socialpoint

Socialpoint implemented a new rewarded video placement and used the impression level revenue tool to measure ad revenue, increasing ARPDAU by 35% and engagement rate by 15%.

Неоновая игра
Неоновая игра

Neon Play chose Unity LevelPlay due to its product suite and extensive reporting capabilities such as the A/B testing tool, which allowed them to test CPM prices and new ads.

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