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How Glovo increased Aura installs by 5x and decreased CAC by 60%
Nov 29, 2021
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Glovo is a food delivery app that operates in 27 countries across the world and over 880 cities. Based out of Spain, Glovo shops on your behalf and delivers local items within minutes, including food items, groceries, pharmaceuticals, and any other essential items.

Charlie Cox, Performance Marketing Regional Lead at Glovo, shares how working with Aura’s setup manager, notifications manager, and dynamic preloads enabled the Glovo team to boost installs 5x and decrease customer acquisition costs by 60%.

Looking to diversify our UA strategy at Glovo

"Glovo focuses its user acquisition strategy on reaching users in the right cities, at the right times. Having successfully scaled with all of the usual channels, our team at Glovo was looking to diversify our marketing mix, especially as the food delivery app industry grows and becomes more competitive. That's why looking for new shoppers and relevant segments that will serve as long-term app users has become essential for Glovo’s UA strategy.

We came across Aura and learned that the solution would allow us to reach users directly on their devices at prime moments, which would round out our UA strategy. While on-device advertising was a new venture for the team at Glovo, we were looking forward to the opportunity to reach users in a unique way.

Running in 8 different countries with Aura

To get the most out of Aura's traffic, we ran campaigns in 8 different countries across the EU, on all of Aura's available placements. While the majority of our installs came from the setup manager, which puts our app in front of users the first time they open their devices, we also saw scale from intelligent preloads and notifications manager. We found that Aura’s placements were incredibly engaging - leading to quality, long-term users.

Our account manager explained that it can take time for users to engage with each of the apps they download through Aura because they don’t usually open the app right after install - if you download a shopping app during device setup, you most likely won’t need to use it right away. So, we set a D15 CAC (customer acquisition cost) goal to give enough time to scale and meet our KPIs.


We also gave the team at Aura full control over our bids and trusted them to make the best decisions for our app. Working with Aura has been extremely smooth and we appreciate the organized communication flow. Our account manager is responsive and ensures we are aware of relevant opportunities within our markets. Both the solution and the team at Aura are incredibly low maintenance and make the day-to-day workflow much easier.

Improving scale 5x and decreasing CAC 60% for Aura

Since going live, our monthly volume on Aura increased 5x.


On top of that, our customer acquisition cost (CAC) decreased by 60% for Aura’s traffic, and we’ve continued to consistently overperform since March 2021.


We value our partnership with Aura and look forward to continuing working together in the future. Aura is a great channel for us in terms of both performance and scale and its unique value helps our team to hit performance goals and KPIs across 8 countries."

"Aura is a great channel for us in terms of both performance and scale and its unique value helps our team to hit performance goals and KPIs across 8 countries"

- Charlie Cox, Performance Marketing Regional Lead at Glovo