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Innovation Panel: How industries are adopting new technology
Jan 29, 2024

Driving digital transformation with real-time 3D

During this Innovation Panel, industry leaders share examples of enterprises embracing innovation and adopting new technology. Topics include:

  • Using key measurables to prove program success
  • Gaining executive buy-in to drive programs forward
  • Using how-to resource programs with Unity developers (in-house or external)
  • Why real-time 3D is the key to program success
  • Sharing top tips on how to develop successful innovation programs


Elissa Coughlin, Global Director Strategic Partners, Unity


Dr. Ryan Moore, Director Digital Health Innovation, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

Alexandre Embry, Chief Innovation & Technology Office & Head of Metaverse Lab, Capgemini

Rok Erjavec, Vice-President of Engineering, TomTom

This panel was recorded at the Unite Industry Executive Summit, November 2023.

“Immersive tech can be a fantastic multiplier and enabler, but only if your workflows allow you to try new things and succeed or fail quickly. This is the core of why most of us have chosen Unity, because it enables that right out of the box.”
ROK ERJAVEC / TOMTOMVice President of Engineering
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