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Case studies
How Sunday GmbH increased revenue by 70% and installs by 400% with LevelPlay’s suite of products
May 29, 2022

Sunday GmbH is a game development studio based in Hamburg, Germany. They produce the hit game Cat Escape, and have been utilizing the LevelPlay mediation platform.

Sagi Rozen, Growth Manager at Sunday GmbH, describes how using the LevelPlay’s real time pivot reports to optimize their waterfall improved revenue by 70%, and ignited the ROAS optimizer which led to an increase in scale by 400% - feeding the supply and demand growth loop.

Testing real time pivot CPM bucket analysis

To make sure we were optimizing our revenue for Cat Escape as much as possible, ironSource suggested we use the real time pivot reports. We were very interested in utilizing the CPM bucket filter feature, which breaks waterfalls down to fixed ranges of [tooltip term="ecpm"]eCPMs[/tooltip], so we could better understand the amount of revenue and impressions our ad sources were generating at each part in the waterfall. The feature created a visual representation, broken down by ad source and instances - so it is much easier to identify areas with untapped potential or problematic instances.

As part of our work with real time pivots, we identified significant gaps in the waterfall - specific networks were generating revenue above and below, yet were missing instances in between and at the top of the waterfall, thereby limiting their revenue potential. We were able to quickly add new instances to fill those gaps and generate incremental revenue.

This recommendation was a game changer - very quickly, we saw a 70% increase in our revenue and 44% increase in ARPDAU.


Finding continued success with user acquisition

It was fantastic to witness the growth loop in action: when the ironSource team managed to monetize our users to higher value, the ARPU increased and with that also the ROAS, which allowed us to scale the campaign - installs increased by 400% while hitting the ROAS goal. The cycle is feeding itself and consistently increasing our revenue.


Over time, we saw tremendous improvement in Cat Escape’s revenue and ARPDAU - in our most important geo, the US, installs quadrupled. The ironSource team had insightful ideas and cleverly used real time pivot’s CPM buckets to add more strategically positioned instances - this was extremely impactful with not just our monetization, but also our user acquisition. ironSource saved us valuable time and resources, and the impact of their expertise is still visible today.