Use cases

Building and maintaining content management and storage systems from scratch can be a headache for studios, so you need to know the best methods to ensure a smooth experience for your players.

Reduce app size

Cloud Content Delivery uses cloud storage to alleviate the weight of new content updates intended for players, which in turn reduces app size. This cuts out the need for your players to download and install entirely new game versions whenever you want to make an update.

Réduire la taille de l'application

Rationaliser la production

Streamline production

Cloud Content Delivery’s badging and bucketing system allows developers to test the content they would like specific players to receive. You can also run tests by distributing badged content to a select group of targeted players, all without affecting the live player base.

Prototype your content

If there are components in your game that can be categorized, such as different levels or environments, you can test game design elements or art assets in each component without affecting the whole game by using Cloud Content Delivery’s asset management system.

Prototypez votre contenu

Deploy updates

Deploy updates

By using Cloud Content Delivery to manage deployment, developers can focus on creating content that is both timely and personalized. You get the flexibility to add or modify assets without increasing game update download sizes, and to ensure that players only see the content that is relevant to their play session.

Get started with Cloud Content Delivery today

Cloud Content Delivery combines content management, cloud storage and a trusted content delivery network to help you ensure that players get the right content at the right time.

Your first 50 GB of bandwidth are free every month, so you can try it out with no worries.

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