Unity Source Code

Understand, optimize, and debug code faster, and take projects further by tailoring the engine to your needs.

See what’s under the hood

With Unity Source Code, you get greater insight into Unity’s inner workings. Whether you’re optimizing code, debugging, or want to deploy custom code, this insight helps you to do what’s best for your project and to get it done faster.


Source Code

Included in Unity Enterprise

The Unity Enterprise plan provides you with Source Code Access alongside the support and tools you need to manage large-scale, ambitious projects.

Wesentliche Vorteile

Write better, optimized code

You can use Source Code Access how you want – whether that’s improving old processes or understanding data structures of graphics rendering – and doing so with the latest updates and bug fixes.

Debug and find solutions faster

Debug your Editor and runtime code more efficiently, without waiting for support. Get to the bottom of bugs and performance issues faster using flags and breakpoints, and use Unity’s own automated tests and test framework to monitor the stability of your project.

Partner with us on code

Recommend engine improvements, share your knowledge, and better contextualize your support needs. Provide your source code samples and best practices to others, make code suggestions to your Success Advisor, and collaborate more closely with Unity support teams.

Ship custom code with Adapt

Launch modified or custom code based on your project’s needs using Source Code Adapt rights. Stellen Sie Ihren Code mithilfe von internen APIs bereit und modifizieren Sie private Datenstrukturen, um Funktionen zu löschen, zu überschreiben oder zu erweitern. An Integrated Success plan is required; contact sales for more information.

Source code unlocked Stunlock Studios’s ambitions

See how Stunlock Studios achieved their vision for the acclaimed game V Rising using DOTS and Unity Source Code to fix bugs, improve performance, and optimize frame rate within GPU constraints.

Source code plans

There are two plans to fit your needs, Source Code Access and Source Code Adapt. Source Code Access, included in Unity Enterprise, empowers you to better understand, optimize, and debug your code – and do so faster. With Adapt, you get Access advantages, plus the ability to ship your custom code.

Included with Access and Adapt:

  • Access, view, and clone Unity Source Code
  • Build from Unity Source Code including Editors, Players, tooling, and project files
  • Debug your projects more easily by referring to the Unity source code
  • Modify and optimize the build process or other internal tooling
  • Run automated tests from the Unity repository using included test frameworks
  • Add features or functionality by modifying the game engine or packages

Included with Adapt only:

    + Launch and ship your projects using modified Unity Source Code

What’s inside the plans

Unity Editor and runtime
Bee build system
Includes private APIs
Unity automated tests and frameworks
Unity Remote
Available upon request
Partner platforms
Available upon request with NDA

Get started with Unity Source Code

Source code
Purchase Unity Source Code

Contact the sales team to get Source Code Access as part of Unity Enterprise plans or Source Code Adapt rights.

Source code
Access from the Admin Portal

Using your Unity ID, view Unity Source Code in the Admin Portal. Create a personal access token, then download or clone the repository to your local machine.

Source code
Build where you work

Build Unity to get started debugging your project with Access, or making custom versions of the game engine with Adapt.

Matt Kramer, Engineering Director, Monomi Park

With Source Code Access, we saw that our workflows were fighting the Editor, and modified them to work faster and more efficiently.

Matt Kramer, Engineering Director, Monomi Park
Jon Premik, Director of Engineering, Outfit7

Once you hit 470 million MAUs and 20 billion downloads, every megabyte counts. It’s key that our games are as optimized as possible, and source code has been very useful.

Jon Premik, Director of Engineering, Outfit7

Quellcode lässt tiefer blicken

Get in touch with sales to gain access to Unity Source Code through a Unity Enterprise plan.

Häufig gestellte Fragen

What is Source Code Access?

With Source Code Access, you can download and use Unity’s Source Code, which includes the Source Code for the Unity engine and Editor, the Bee build system, all Unity APIs, Unity Remote and automated tests and frameworks. Source code for IL2CPP and Partner platforms are also available upon request and proper NDAs with hardware partners.

What’s the difference between Access and Adapt?

Source Code Access allows you to view Unity Source Code, making it easier to debug and optimize your projects. 

Source Code Adapt provides the above, and also allows you to create your own custom Unity Editor and Runtime builds to fix bugs, tailor the engine to your needs, and ship projects using the modified engine.

How can I get Unity Source Code?

Source Code Access is included as part of the Unity Enterprise plan. Source Code Adapt is available for purchase by Enterprise plan subscribers who have an Integrated Success (IS) support package. Please contact a Unity sales representative for more information.

I have the Unity Enterprise plan. How do I activate Source Code Access?

Contact your Unity account manager or success advisor to activate Source Code Access for your organization.

If I have previously purchased a subscription to access Source Code, will my access be impacted?

If you have the Unity Enterprise plan, there will be no change to your access to Source Code.  If you are on the Unity Pro plan and currently have a Source Code subscription, you will maintain access to Source Code through the term of your subscription. To discuss renewal or upgrade options, you can contact your account manager.

How do I access Unity Source Code?

To access the new Unity Source Code experience, now hosted in the Unity Dashboard, sign in with your Unity ID and navigate to Unity Source Code in the Admin Portal. Create a personal access token and download or clone the repository to your local machine. Brauchen Sie Hilfe? Check out this quick onboarding guide.

What support is available for Unity Source Code?

Source Code Access comes with the Unity Enterprise plan and is covered by the customer support package included in the plan. 

An Integrated Success plan is required for Source Code Adapt.

How do I get support for Unity Source Code?

For issues related to accessing Unity Source Code: Submit a support ticket in the Unity Dashboard. Navigate to the Help and Support page from Unity Source Code in the Admin Portal. Click on “File a ticket” from the dropdown menu and select the . Fill out and submit your ticket.

For issues and technical questions related to using Unity Source Code: Submit a support ticket via support.unity.com.

How is Unity Source Code different from the existing public C# reference published online?

The Unity C# reference code contains only the C# layer of the Unity game engine and Editor. It exists as a reference to understand and improve your projects. With Unity Source Code Access, you can gain deeper insight into underlying code to make better optimizations – and with Source Code Adapt, you can publish projects using modified code and versions of the engine.

Verwendet Unity C++ oder C#?

The Unity engine and Editor are written in a combination of C++ and C#, with C# being the main supported language. With Unity Source Code, you’ll be able to see all of the C++ code underlying Unity’s C# reference.

Is Unity open source?

No, Unity Source Code is subject to a specific licensing agreement and is not open source.

Are there other public resources I can reference?

View our publicly accessible Unity GitHub repositories to get the latest code for core Unity packages, experimental features and tools, extensions, and more.

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