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How to share roadmap feedback

If you have accepted to use functional cookies and logged in using your Unity ID at the top right of the page, then sharing feedback is as simple as clicking a card below, selecting how important the topic is to you, adding your point of view and submitting! If you prefer not to accept functional cookies or log in, you will be prompted to enter an email address and validate it, so we know how to reach out when the topic evolves.


我们正在改进 Unity 中的导航功能集。目标是调和休闲创作者和高级工作室的需求,提供一个可访问、高性能、可自定义的统一自主导航系统。

这项工作将逐步使用 C# 重新实现导航系统,填补 2D 工作流程空白,并重新设计 API 架构,让您能够针对运动控制、碰撞或约束策略、寻路策略的自定义行为构建原型和进行实验。


As part of the dashboard below you will find a series of cards describing various topics of interest for this area. Those cards are organized in horizontal sections that represents the state of the development:

Released: highlighting some of the efforts that have already landed in recent versions of Unity.
In Progress: a team is at work developing solutions for this topic.
Planned: we plan to build solutions, but the work has not started, or the topic is being researched.
Under Consideration: we have noted this is an important topic for which some of you need solutions, but we are still collecting data and have not planned to build solutions for it yet.

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