Unity 2019.1.5

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Release Notes

  • Android: Fixed a crash when a shader is written in GLSL and uses Single-pass rendering in Android VR. (1145324)
  • Android: Fixed Android SDK on Windows not including a compatible version of the apkanalyzer tool. (1158244)
  • Animation: Fixed animation jobs SetPosition/SetLocalPosition not working on humanoid transform for rig with translation DoF ON (1103108)
  • Animation: Fixed bone animations failing to work on GameObjects when animations are scripted. (1137048)
  • Animation: Fixed drag and dropping of a clip into the animation previewer in the inspector window. (1148438)
  • Asset Pipeline: Fixed rehash asset when changing asset bundle setting in meta file v1. (1143338)
  • Editor: Fixed A cloth component attached to an object disabling the Transform tools. (1141582)
  • Editor: Fixed a regression where results from the player would no longer update correctly in the UI. (1151147)
  • Input: Fixed mouse.scroll glitching when moving mouse after scrolling. (1091512)
  • OSX: Fixed ASTC HDR textures broken in MacEditor/Metal. (1145498)
  • Terrain: Fixed issues with cloning TerrainData. (1151029)
  • Timeline: Fixed marker UI is the same color and size on infinite track. (1146267)
  • Timeline: Fixed moving a marker on an Infinite Track will keep the track in infinite mode. (1146263)
  • Timeline: Fixed zooming in/out will keep the padding at the beginning of the timeline. (1146276)
  • UI Elements: Fixed UIE Debugger picking on OSX. (1150832)
  • UI: Dirty the canvas batch when a element is enabled. This will ensure it gets put back into the render order. (1077708)
  • UI: Fixed a performance issue appears when sorting a large amount of UI Objects with Canvas Component. (1153402)
  • UI: Fixed being unable to change Image color cannot be changed via script when Image type is set to Simple. (1148360)
  • UI: Fixed issue with TextGeneration populating with extra unneeded verts from rich text tags.
  • UI: Fixed nested Canvas not rendering when UI element which is a following child of parent canvas is enabled and disabled. (1158241)
  • UI: removing sprite mesh caching optimization as it was causing too many issues . (1143135)
  • UI: Removing the ref requirement from the AllSelectablesNoAlloc
  • XR: Fixed a Lumin video player shutdown crash. (1143517)
  • XR: Fixed Camera.Render() incorrectly rendering to a RenderTexture when VR is enabled. (986355 )
  • XR: Fixed Google VR package removal when Cardboard or Daydream is still in the VR Device list. (1139415)
  • XR: Fixed latency issues in use of Windows MR API. (1148210)
  • XR: Fixed Magic Leap package download in Lightweight Render Pipeline template. (1139672)
  • XR: Fixed OpenVR package failing to download when Virtual Reality is enabled for new projects. (1139417)
  • XR: Fixed pointer access in certain situations to protect against null pointer dereference. (1152861)
  • XR: Fixed uGUI Dropdown when selected not using the raycasters of the parent canvas if available. (1152181)

Third Party Notices

For more information please see our Open Source Software Licenses FAQ on the Unity Support Portal

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