Unity 2018.1.7

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  • (1038644) - Android: Fixed ${applicationId} not automatically patched in AndroidManifest.xml.
  • (1047073(973427)) - Android: Fixed VideoPlayer not working on Intel Baytrail.
  • (1047065) - Android: Fixed disappearing permissions dialog after pressing home button.
  • (None) - Android: Fixed crash when running on Android 8 in instant app mode.
  • (1047061) - Android: Fixed a crash when upgrading an existing application on Android to 64 bit.
  • (1034718) - GI: When creating an area light from the menu it now defaults to using soft shadows instead of no shadows. Also this exposes the shadow type for area lights.
  • (None) - Graphics: Fixed rare crash in SRP culling code.
  • (None) - Graphics: Fixed Graphics.DrawMeshInstancedIndirect not supporting 32-bit indices.
  • (1037716(1022895)) - iOS: Fixed C plugin support.
  • (1025944) - iOS: Fixed paths for native source plugins are not properly added to xcode project when the files are in a package.
  • (1015543) - Physics 2D: Fixed particles using 2D collision mode colliding with triggers.
  • (1035692) - Scripting: Fixed crash when loading some assemblies due to invalid metadata parsing.
  • (996473) - Scripting: Fixed reference assemblies not being resolved correctly from any folder in project.
  • (1036673) - Scripting: Raised exception when covariance is used on old scripting runtime.
  • (1039434) - Scripting: Fixed crash when accessing custom attribute data.
  • (1030427) - Scripting Upgrade: Fixed ExecutionEngineException when using Property.GetValue.
  • (1035654) - Scripting Upgrade: Fixed scripting being able to access /dev/shm.
  • (1043952) - Timeline: Fixed selection change when recording on animation track with clips.
  • (1037719(1026339)) - Web: Fixed UnityWebRequest POST failure with multipart sections.
  • (1025714(977469)) - Web: Fixed race condition when aborting UnityWebRequest.
  • (1034134) - WebGL: Corrected an error that can occur when BestHTTP is used - "The type initializer for 'System.Globalization.CharUnicodeInfo' threw an exception.".
  • (1017374) - WebGL: Fixed LW Render Pipeline.
  • (1048092) - XR: Fixed PressType on HoloLens incorrectly reporting Select instead of None.

Revision: 4cb482063d12


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