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Accelerate innovation using Unity’s real-time rendering platform plus PiXYZ’s best-in-class CAD data solutions, to empower your teams. Bring great ideas and products to life.

Real-Time 3D for Auto: From CAD to Unity

Join our webinar on Aug 21 to see how today’s best-in-class CAD-import solution and real-time rendering tools can quickly bring great ideas and products to life.

Revolutionizing automotive workflows

From design to sales and marketing, more than 80% of the world’s leading automotive manufacturers are using Unity and harnessing the power of real-time rendering to revolutionize their workflows.

Better designs, faster

From concept to data integration, visualization and prototyping, Unity enables designers and engineers to easily collaborate on product designs at scale in immersive, interactive 3D environments.

Interactive, high-fidelity experiences that sell

Create rich scenarios that immerse customers in the buying process. From online car configurators to virtual showrooms, build unique 3D, interactive experiences that engage them emotionally.

Unity Industry Bundle

The Unity Industry Bundle provides you with productivity tools that enable you to immediately begin creating real-time experiences using your design data. Use the tools to import CAD data, prepare interactive experiences and publish to multiple platforms.

Unity Pro

The Industry Bundle includes Unity Pro: the best real-time rendering platform for creating amazing immersive and interactive experiences.

PiXYZ Plugin

Directly import high-quality CAD data into the Unity Editor or a Windows runtime from 25+ formats (with more to come). Also, create perfect meshes from any CAD data fast and efficiently with the best-in-class Tessellator.

PiXYZ Studio

Prepare data for visualization with powerful features like topology correction, normal/face correction, mesh repair, decimation, LOD creation, UV tools, and de-featuring. Optimize your model for any real-time experience for workstations, mobile AR, and everything in between.

What makes Unity different?

Unity brings products to life across the entire automotive workflow by allowing users to create and deploy multi-platform interactive 3D experiences in real time.

  • Flexible and extensible
  • Support for 25+ platforms
  • Rich interactions
  • Optimal visual quality

Flexible and extensible

A powerful platform

All customers have access to Unity’s powerful C# scripting system, comprehensive API and extensive documentation. Users can also opt to purchase access to source code for under-the-hood C++ development.

Support for 25+ platforms

Reach users on any device

With Unity, you can build once and deploy to Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Tizen and Fire OS, as well as to desktop, consoles and mobile VR.

Rich interactions

The world’s most active 3D content-creation community

Unity Connect is a thriving forum and talent marketplace of Unity developers, creators and studios who share expertise, hire resources, showcase projects and participate in online discussions, live events and training.

Optimal visual quality

Responsive performance

Unity’s newly improved Scriptable Render Pipeline provides excellent visual quality with high performance graphics hardware, and provides the ability to scale for less capable hardware while maintaining responsive performance.


“Innovation is a core principle at Audi. With Unity, we create and deploy immersive, real-time interactivity to accelerate team collaboration and speed our pace of development and innovation.”

— Jan Pflueger, Coordination AR & VR, AUDI Center of Competence

“At Toyota, we use Unity to develop VR and AR tools to improve efficiency and quality for design, engineering, and training. It’s a really flexible platform, supporting the VR/AR devices we require.”

— Koichi Kayano, Project Manager, Operation Improvement Planning Dept., Toyota

Unity’s rich interactivity model lets us deliver unique, interactive experiences. We can take a completed client model and quickly produce amazing visual quality and realism with a big WOW factor.

— Rob Spierenburg, CEO/Co-Founder of All Things Media

Ready to drive?

Get in touch with a Unity  expert to learn how you can optimize your CAD data, improve your design workflows, and achieve immersive real-time rendering experiences.

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