Ultimate guide to profiling Unity games
Oct 20, 2023
Ultimate guide to profiling Unity games

Smooth performance is essential to creating immersive gaming experiences for your players. By profiling and honing your game’s performance across a wide range of platforms and devices, you can better plan for success and significantly expand your player base.

This 70+ page guide brings together advanced knowledge and advice from external and in-house Unity experts on how to profile an application in Unity, manage its memory, and optimize its power consumption from start to finish.

For a consistent, end-to-end profiling workflow, which is crucial for efficient game development, start with a simple three-point procedure:

  • Profile before making major changes: Establish a baseline.
  • Profile during development: Track changes and ensure they don’t break performance or budgets.
  • Profile after development: Prove that changes had the desired effect.

Check out the full guide to learn how you can improve performance for any game.