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How 37 Games used ironSource's multi-reward offerwall to boost ROAS and scale by 2X
Jan 5, 2022

37 Games is the developer behind the hit strategy match-3 game, Puzzles & Survival.

The team at 37 Games decided to switch from running regular single event offerwall campaigns to multi reward campaigns with ironSource, which ended up massively boosting their user acquisition performance.

In comparison to single event offerwalls, multi reward offerwalls often provide a better user experience. That’s because instead of needing to complete one long, time-consuming event, multi reward campaigns let users complete several smaller events, each one bringing them deeper into the advertisers’ game. The reward grows with each event, encouraging users to continue their progression and complete all the events.

Keep reading to learn the full story from Dori Lv, Overseas Advertising Director at 37 Games, the developer of Puzzles & Survival.

Unstable ROAS

“Our user acquisition goal is to grow our [tooltip term="roas-return-on-advertising-spend"]ROAS[/tooltip] sustainably over the long-term. For half a year or so, we were running UA campaigns on the ironSource offerwall using single event campaigns. In these campaigns, which can work very well for other advertisers, users only need to complete one event in order to receive their reward in the original game.

However, our ROAS was unstable and we were struggling to meet our long-term KPIs. Together with ironSource, we understood that single event offerwall campaigns weren’t “sticky” enough - essentially, they weren’t driving new users to generate the valuable post-install events we were aiming for.

Changing our offerwall strategy

That’s when the ironSource team recommended testing a multi reward offerwall campaign, in which new users acquired via offerwall can complete multiple events in our game to receive rewards, like reaching level 5 to unlock 8 gems, reaching level 12 to unlock 15 gems, and so on.

This approach brought us more users than single-event offerwall campaigns - not only do users get more rewards by completing multiple events, which encourages them to keep playing, but by using several smaller, low-commitment events, we removed the friction to getting started.

As a result, we also saw our in-app purchase revenue increasing. By taking users through a journey of different engagement points in our game, we managed to showcase some of our best levels and features. As a result, users connected to our game and stuck around even after completing the offerwall and receiving all the rewards. Ultimately, this translated to higher retention rates and LTV.

2x increase in installs and ARPU

The results speak for themselves:

- Installs increased over 2x compared to single event campaigns 

- ARPU increased by 2x

- Exceeded long term ROAS goals

The ironSource team was a huge part of this success: they helped us switch our mindset to focus more on mid and long-term user activities, rather than purely looking at early stage ROAS with single event campaigns. By running multi-event offerwall campaigns, our ROAS increased on D7 and D14, and jumped significantly on D30. The reason behind these strong improvements is that we were able to generate higher engagement from users who really enjoyed the game and stayed around longer.


As we were increasing the LTV of our new users, we also managed to scale the volume of installs significantly. The increase in installs was immediate, and by week 5 we’d reached a 2x uplift - bringing us both the quantity and quality of new users to take our game growth to new heights.


It was a pleasure partnering with ironSource. By leveraging the ironSource team's expertise and first-class offerwall product, we managed to save-time, increase ROAS on our UA campaigns, and sustainably grow our business."