Unity 5.4.0 Beta 7

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5.4.0b7 Release Notes

Known Issues

  • After expand/collapse Unity Editor window looks corrupted. If you maximize/minimize/click on windows in Editor they'll return to normal state.
  • Fix regression issues when opening scenes in play mode
  • Graphics: with the new jobs enabled, reflection probes might render incorrectly in rare cases.
  • In deferred rendering, lightmapped objects affected by mixed-mode lights will fallback to forward rendering.
  • Samsung TV: Fixed shader compilation crash on NT14U TVs
  • Shadows: Directional shadows will present shadow acnee when using a custom projection matrice and a very large frustum (20k+)
  • Unity crashes sometimes after deleting asset files from project folder
  • VR: Single-Pass-Stereo causes some lighting problems
  • [Billboard][LOD] Unity crashes when picking deleted Speedtree Billboard LOD level
  • [GL] [Windows] Unity crashes or hangs with no respond on moving and undocking tabs
  • [Skinning] Skinning broken on Mac
  • [Windows][MT] Unity crashes after mass placing SpeedTrees on terrain


  • VR: Dynamically switch to headset's audio output / input driver (Oculus SDK 1.0+)
  • VR: Mask invisible pixels so GPU time is not wasted (Oculus SDK 1.0+)


  • Animation: Added AnimationClipPlayable.applyFootIK
  • Animation: Added better error messaging and handling for for AnimationCurves with invalid data.
  • Animation: Fix memory leak in AnimatorOverrideController
  • Animation: Fixed a bug where the animation window would try to access a deleted animator component and cause a crash
  • Animation: Fixed an issue where AnimationPreview objects would get grabbed by FindGameObjectWithTag
  • Animation: Fixed an issue where Changing culling modes during runtime would not take effect correctly
  • Animation: Fixed an issue where imported keyframes would overlap and get sorted in the wrong order
  • Animation: Fixed an issue where the ModelImporterClipAnimation inspector would not show properly when he Avatar Mask was empty
  • Animation: Fixed Animation recording being broken in some cases.
  • Animation: Fixed animation window not updating to selection when out of focus or when just opened
  • Animation: Fixed AnimationClipImporter inspector for Generic clips
  • Animation: Fixed AnimationClipPlayable.duration so that it returns the length of its AnimationClip
  • Animation: Fixed curve selection loss in curve editor when move keys in dopesheet editor.
  • Animation: Fixed dopesheet keyframe manipulation not registered.
  • Animation: Fixed inconsistencies in dopesheet editor and curve editor framing
  • Animation: Fixed long Animator.Update not playing all Events/ExitTimes
  • Animation: Fixed loss of animation window selection when selecting child game objects.
  • Animation: Fixed offset when drag&dropping sprites in animation window.
  • Animation: Fixed property added in recording mode to read-only clip
  • Animation: Fixed text editing overlay remaining active in animation window when losing focus
  • Animation: Fixed unresponsive animation window when zoomed out beyond a certain level
  • Animation: Implemented API for tangentMode in AnimationUtility
  • Animation: Optimized AvatarMask inspector.
  • Animation: Root motion not applied on single object
  • Animation: Rotation value changes on play mode a little bit
  • Animation: Unity hardcrashes when importing blender rigify model
  • Multiplayer: Disabled host migration on WebGL clients (they can't become host)
  • Multiplayer: Disallow sending NetworkConnection object in commands
  • Multiplayer: Fixed issue where SyncLists didn't use the configured channel
  • Multiplayer: Fixed issue with ClientScene.objects list increasing after every host migration
  • Multiplayer: Fixed issue with OnStartAuthority being called twice on player with local authority on host
  • Multiplayer: Minor improvement to network manager HUD ('connecting' state and cancel button)
  • Multiplayer: SyncList now sends updates only when a value assignment changes the current value
  • Particles: Disable size/rotation properly when toggling 3D in the editor
  • Particles: Disabling unused UI options
  • Particles: Fixed crashes with null curves and gradients
  • Particles: Fixed culling when using SetParticles in standalone
  • Particles: Fixed debug plane visualization
  • Particles: Improve mesh particle error message, when buffers re full
  • Particles: Preserve stopEmitting parameter when becoming visible (culling fix)
  • Particles: Support radius in Trigger Module

The following are changes and fixes to 5.4.0 features and regressions...


  • Editor: Changes the "Module Manager" button to "Open Download Page", in Build Settings, for missing playback engines


  • Animation: Fixed animation event inheriting from ScriptableObject not getting triggered
  • Animation: Fixed assert when using Animator.MatchTarget
  • Animation: Fixed custom components not appearing in the Add Property menu of the Animation Window.
  • Animation: Fixed error message showing : GetLocalizedString is not allowed to be called from a MonoBehaviour constructor
  • Animation: Fixed floor display in Generic animation previewer
  • Animation: Fixed import of humanoid clip when root is not identity
  • Animation: Fixed loss of animation window selection when selecting child game objects
  • Animation: Fixed values in the AnimationClipImporter inspector being not-editable
  • Core: Fixed "TLS Allocator ALLOC_TEMP_THREAD ..." messages in console when saving a scene
  • Core: Fixed edge case in the job system during shutdown
  • Core: Multi-second stall in Particle System
  • Editor: Fixed being unable to drag and drop components that are not expandable (such as the 'audio listener')
  • Editor: Fixed issue that made GameObjects disappear from the Editor if they have an associated editor script that made use of DontDestroyOnLoad
  • Editor: Fixed width of the Build Settings Window. This was causing problems when the Standalone option was selected but the players weren't available.
  • Editor: Fixes issue where Editor wouln't start with a path including multi-byte characters
  • Graphics: Fixed a crash in the editor when switching graphics API from a non-DX9 API e.g. DX11
  • Graphics: Fixed SkinMeshInfo memory leak
  • Graphics: In play mode set the graphics device sRGB write mode to match the lighting mode e.g. enable sRGB write mode in linear lighting mode
  • MonoDevelop: Enable NUnit add-in by default. Fixes issue with error dialog on MonoDevelop start-up
  • OpenGL: Fixed mipmap generation for render textures using OpenGLES
  • OSX: Fixed an issue where pasting into a text field caused the text to be added twice
  • OSX: Fixed SIMD errors in source code builds on OSX
  • Particles: Allow both shape & position in scripted emission
  • Particles: Fixed error message when scaling
  • Particles: Fixed INF error message due to default bounding box
  • Particles: Fixed regression with subemitters inheriting velocity
  • Physics: Prevent Collider recreation when setting isKinematic; therefore, OnTriggerExit/Enter are not triggered unnecessarily
  • Scripting: Fixed registration of Shuriken icalls under Mono AOT.
  • UI: Fixed a problem where some fonts would not load correctly on some platforms
  • UI: Stopped raycast from traversing up the hierarchy when a canvas with override sorting is encountered.
  • Windows Store: Fixed crash when loading C# type from plugin which was not included in the final build.
  • Windows Store: Mouses and touches will work correctly after locking/unlocking the screen.

Third Party Notices

For more information please see our Open Source Software Licenses FAQ on the Unity Support Portal

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