Inworld AI for Unity

Create lifelike AI characters and dialogue

Inworld AI enables you to more easily create characters that think and speak for themselves. These AI characters feature expressive personalities, deep memories, and natural dialogue.

Who is Inworld for?

Inworld is for people who would like a no-code solution for creating generative AI characters. Fill worlds with interactive guides, merchants, quest givers, and other NPCs that keep users engaged.

Inworld Chips

A powerful and intuitive way to create AI characters

Create a new character by describing them in natural language and using the drop-downs and sliders to configure their traits. Add memories, knowledge, and motivations to train your model. The character AI engine does the rest.

Nate Mitchell, Co-Founder, and CEO, Mountaintop Studios

“I’m excited to see Inworld-powered characters bring more life and personality to games. Once you have characters that can remember you, and your interactions and express nuanced emotion, the possibilities for more immersive experiences are endless.”

Nate Mitchell, Co-Founder, and CEO, Mountaintop Studios
Tima Anoshechkin, Founder and CEO, Alta

“The Inworld platform is super easy to use and has integrations with virtually everything. I can seamlessly go from building the character on my computer, to popping on my VR headset and interacting with it, to pushing it in-game.”

Tima Anoshechkin, Founder and CEO, Alta

Key benefits

Responsive storytelling

Cut out repetitive bot dialogue and enhance your storytelling. Create adaptive AI characters who have their own unique personalities, feel emotions, and come up with their own responses – just like humans do.

Natural interactions

Players can communicate naturally with your characters. There’s no need to script dialogue and behavior trees – just create your characters and let Inworld’s powerful AI engine do the rest.

Highly configurable

Tailor your character’s identity, motivations, role, hobbies and interests, personality, mood, personal and common knowledge, dialogue style, and more.

Intuitive character creation

Build your characters in-browser using this no-code solution. Describe your character in natural language and use the drop-downs and draggable sliders to configure them further.


Embed and deploy your characters immediately into your game or other immersive realities. This comprehensive package for Unity and flexible API enables you to bring your characters to a variety of experiences and platforms.

Flexible and engaging

Bring any immersive experience to life with AI characters. From brands to games, Inworld-powered characters can help you create a more engaging and interactive user experience.

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