Unity Content Policy

Last updated: April 3, 2023

This policy is incorporated within and is a part of the Advertising Terms of Service, or such other applicable agreements or Offering Identification between you and Unity Technologies SF, which governs your use of the Monetization Services and/or Advertiser Services (the “Covered Services”).

This policy helps users of our Covered Services learn what makes a great advertising and app experience for End-Users, as well as what is and isn’t allowed in your content used in connection with our Covered Services. We review content based on the requirements of this policy to ensure End-Users have a great experience on our network. You are required to comply with all aspects of this policy.

Before using any applicable Covered Services, please review the following information and ensure that all elements of your Ad(s) and/or Application(s) are in compliance. Please note that examples provided are for illustrative purposes only and are non-exhaustive.

These policies are subject to change without notice. Unity reserves the right to reject or remove any Ad(s) or Application(s) in our sole discretion and at any time. Violations of this policy will be determined in Unity’s sole discretion.

  1. Prohibited Content

Ads or Applications that contain, link or relate to content, goods or services that are listed below in the “Prohibited Content” categories are not permitted by Unity, and may not be distributed on or used with the Covered Services.

Deceptive or Misleading

Content that attempts to trick or deceive a user into taking some action for the purpose of attracting traffic or to obtain information from a user under false pretenses.

Examples: Promotion of offers/deals that are not actually available; “Clickbait” articles and websites; Phishing schemes.

Content that makes false, fraudulent, defamatory or misleading statements regarding any person or entity, including Unity or any of its customers, partners or competitors.

Examples: Content which implies an affiliation with or endorsement by a person or entity without their knowledge or consent; Trade disparagement.

Content that promotes services or products whose purpose is to enable users to bypass or deceive a public or private system, regulation, procedure, entity or individual.

Examples: Fake ID services designed to disguise the accurate age, name or other characteristics of the holder; Products or services that circumvent copyright protection; Products that have disabled copyright protection.

Content that purports to be truthful, but that is fraudulent, misleading, deceptive, or otherwise deliberately disseminates disinformation or mistruths.

Examples: “Fake news”; False information and features, including inaccurate device data or trick/joke functionality such as fake location trackers; Impersonation of other companies’ products or services; “Get rich quick” schemes.

All claims in all advertisements and campaigns must be substantiated, clear, and accurate.

Excessively Violent or Shocking Content

Content that depicts or contains excessive or gratuitous graphic violence or mutilation or that glorifies human suffering, death, self-harm or violence against humans or animals; Excessive or gratuitous portrayals of bodily fluids or waste.

Examples: Real or realistic and gratuitous portrayals of people or animals being killed, maimed, tortured, or abused; Photography or video of executions or graphic crime scenes. 

Hateful or Discriminatory

Content that incites hatred against, promotes discrimination of, or disparages an individual or group on the basis of their race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, age, nationality, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, or other characteristic that is associated with systemic discrimination or marginalization; Content promoting hate groups or hate group paraphernalia.

Examples: Compilations of assertions intended to prove that an individual or specific group is inhuman, inferior, or worthy of being hated; explicit or implicit claims that an individual or specific group is a threat.

Illegal Activities

Content that displays, promotes or facilitates any activities, services, products or materials that are illegal or prohibited by any applicable law, statute, ordinance, rule, regulation or court order in any jurisdiction where such content is made available.

Examples: Content promoting human trafficking; Facilitating organized crime or terrorism; Facilitating the creation or sale of false government documentation (e.g., passports, licenses, credentials); Hacking/cracking/malicious software; Content facilitating fraudulent behavior.

Intellectual Property and Third Party Right Abuse

Content, goods or services that infringe or misappropriate, or promote, facilitate, or induce the infringement or misappropriation of, any copyright, trademark, trade secret, patent or any other intellectual property or proprietary, privacy, or personality right.

Examples: Applications which enable the unauthorized distribution of copyrighted content; Infringing file sharing apps (e.g., BitTorrent trackers, P2P file transfer apps, and other forms of piracy); Unauthorized video streaming apps; Facilitation of the sale of fake or counterfeit goods; Spyware and technology used for non-consensual surveillance including monitoring another person’s texts, phone calls, or browsing history.

Malicious Software

Content that contains, installs, links to, or prompts the download of any software containing questionable security, malware, spyware, adware, a Trojan horse, viruses or other harmful or deleterious software routines.

Examples: Ransomware, worms, rootkits, keyloggers, dialers, and other malicious programs or apps; Applications or software that disrupt an End-User’s ability to navigate their experience, e.g., by preventing an End-User from leaving a page or application.

Content, features or functionality that automatically redirect End-Users, initiate a download or similar activity without intentional End-User action (e.g., without an intended click), or otherwise generate or simulate End-User actions or facilitate or encourage illegitimate End-User actions.


Content containing lewd, vulgar, obscene, indecent or profane language.

Examples: Advertisements containing swear or curse words, or racial or sexual slurs.

Note: Applications may contain mature language subject to such Application’s age rating.

Sensitive Events

Content that lacks reasonable sensitivity towards or capitalizes on tragic events, including natural or human-made disasters, conflicts, or deaths.

Examples: Denying a major tragic event; Disrespectful portrayal of a tragic event; Capitalizing on a tragic event without discernible benefit to its victims.

Note: Unity reserves the right to remove or limit content permanently or for a period time in response to a sensitive tragedy, disaster, death or high-profile news event, particularly if such content may appear to exploit events for commercial gain or otherwise affect user safety.

Sexually Explicit Content

Content which contains or depicts graphic sexual acts intended to arouse, content which promotes or facilitates sexual acts in exchange for payment or compensation, or content which promotes or facilitates non-consensual, denigrating, or obscene sexual activity, including, but not limited to, pedophilia, rape, incest, bestiality, extreme or shocking sex, child pornography, or otherwise sexually suggestive content that relates to persons who are, or are suggested to be, under the legal age permitted in applicable jurisdictions.

Examples: Hardcore pornography; Sex acts such as genital, anal, or oral sex; Prostitution and escort services; Child sexual abuse imagery.

Weapons, Knives, Firearms, Ammunition and other Dangerous Products

Content that promotes products or features the sale of, or instructions to create, actual weapons or dangerous products of any kind; including guns, bombs, weapon accessories, fireworks, and/or ammunition.

Examples: Firearm sales; Fireworks; Bump stocks; High capacity magazines; Instructions for manufacture of explosives.

  1. Restricted Content

Ads or Applications that contain, link or relate to content, goods or services in any of the following “Restricted Content” categories are prohibited by Unity and may not be distributed on or used with the Covered Services unless you first obtain Unity’s prior written approval.

Restricted Content may, at Unity's sole discretion, be permitted in specific territories where and to the extent such Restricted Content complies with applicable laws and industry standards. Approval will further require that you meet certain Unity requirements, including, but not limited to, minimum Managed Account thresholds. To become a Managed Account, to request approval to run Restricted Content, or otherwise to learn more about Unity's content policies, please contact us.

Alcohol Content

Alcohol-related content must not glorify or incite the irresponsible consumption of alcohol, and should contain proper health warnings and responsible drinking messages, such as “drink responsibly,” “do not drink and drive,” etc.

Any alcohol campaigns targeting minors are not allowed. Advertising must not be directed toward individuals under the applicable minimum drinking age, or served in a context where it is highly likely it will be displayed to such individuals. This includes, but it is not limited to, the use of language, themes, expressions, graphic resources, audio or visual elements that may appeal to underage individuals, or using individuals who are or appear to be underage in promotional content or on the website.

All required disclaimers, age gating mechanisms and responsible drinking and health warnings must be present on the ad copy and/or the landing page as required by applicable law and industry regulation.

Gambling, Lottery, Sweepstakes, Fantasy Sports, and Real World Rewards

Unity supports only responsible advertisements and applications which abide by local gambling laws and laws governing real-world-reward applications, so content promoting any form of brick and mortar or online gambling, social casinos, real world reward gaming, fantasy sports, sweepstakes, or lotteries are restricted on the Unity network.

Ads and applications which promote gambling or real-world-reward products or services may be allowed on the Unity network following a manual review and approval process, which will include submission of applicable gambling licenses and registrations for the applicable services and the territories in which such services operate. In all instances, ads and applications are not allowed to target minors and will be restricted to approved territories.

All required disclaimers, age gating mechanisms and responsible gambling disclosures must be present on the ad copy and/or the landing page as required by applicable law and industry regulation.

Illegal Drugs or Restricted Substances

Content that promotes substances (including substances that may be legal under local law) that induce “highs” or otherwise alter the mental state for recreational purposes; content that promotes or facilitates recreational drug use, including medical or recreational drugs such as marijuana, even in jurisdictions where it may be legal under local law; content that promotes the sale of drug paraphernalia.

Examples: Illegal drugs; Recreational or herbal drugs (kratom, salvia, etc.); Accessories or paraphernalia associated with drug use; Drug dispensaries; Favorable depictions of hard drug use.

Medical or Healthcare

Content promoting medical, pharmaceutical, or healthcare related products and services, including, but not limited to, prescription drugs, over-the-counter medicines, birth control and fertility products, online pharmacies, non-government unapproved substances, medical treatments and procedures, and clinical trial recruitment.

Certain medical and healthcare products and services may not be permitted by Unity at all, while others may be allowed when restricted to approved territories (e.g., an advertising campaign for a prescription drug that has only been approved by the FDA will be restricted to the United States).

All required disclaimers and benefit/risk disclosures, statements and provisions must be present on the ad copy and/or the landing page as required by applicable law and industry regulation.

Other Sexual Content

Content that displays partial or full exposure of intimate body parts (whether blurred or censored).

Examples: Visible genitalia; Exposure of female breast (including partial exposure of lower or outer curve); Partial or complete exposure of buttocks.

Content that promotes fetishes, sex merchandise, or sexual aids/enhancers.

Examples: Advertisements for lubricants, aphrodisiacs, vibrators and other sex toys.

Content that promotes or facilitates sexual entertainment or dating sites with the clear intent for sexual encounters.

Examples: Promotion of strip clubs or adult expos; Hook up sites; Sexually suggestive streaming and chat sites or applications.

Political and Religious

Election related content, including content regarding political parties, candidates, PACs, ballot measures, or fundraising for political parties, candidates, PACs, and ballot measures is not allowed without Unity’s explicit approval.

Content cannot exploit sensitive political or religious issues for commercial gain or promote extreme political or extreme religious agendas or any known associations with hate, criminal or terrorist activities.

Content that exploits political agendas, sensitive political issues or uses “hot button” political issues or names of prominent politicians is not allowed regardless of whether the publisher or advertiser has a political agenda.


Content that promotes any form of tobacco or nicotine-related products, including vaping and electronic cigarettes.

Examples: Tobacco, cigarettes or cigars; e-cigarettes and vapes cartridges; Hookah bars; Pipes; Rolling papers; Filters.

VPN Applications

Applications whose purpose is to provide users with virtual private networks across public network connections or other similar services.

Violations of this Policy

Accounts associated with Ads or Applications which contain, link to or relate to any Prohibited Content or Restricted Content which has not been approved by Unity pursuant to this policy may be permanently suspended, and Unity may no longer permit you to run advertising campaigns and/or monetize on the Unity network or otherwise use any Covered Services.