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Unity Game Dev Field Guide
Oct 20, 2023
Unity Game Dev Field Guide

Here it is, the ultimate Unity Gamedev Field Guide! We’ve created this 78 page handbook for experienced developers who are either new to Unity or returning from a long hiatus. This guide will help you jump-start your familiarity with the latest in Unity’s rich feature set and intuitive workflows and learn how to:

  • Navigate the Unity Editor, the engine’s component-based architecture, and other key concepts
  • Follow best practices for setting up your development environment with your preferred IDEs, source control system, and project settings
  • Move from Java or C++ to C#
  • Get the most out of Unity’s suite of artist tools and render pipelines
  • Harness the Unity’s profiling, physics, and Input Systems features

This extensive guide will help save you hours of work over the coming days and weeks. Download the e-book for free, and keep it as a handy reference to help you build momentum making incredible games in Unity.

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