Unity Enterprise

Manage complex projects with expert engineering support, source code access, cloud collaboration tools, and extended Long Term Support (LTS) for teams of any size.

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The solution that supports your ambitions

Overcome blockers with expedited support

Get a Partner Advisor and guaranteed response times with Starter Success. At 20+ seats, access premium technical support, On-Demand Training, and a Partner Relations Manager. At 100+ seats, a Unity engineer resolves prioritized bugs which can be backported to your LTS version.

Go deeper with source code

Understand, optimize, and debug code faster with access to Unity Source Code. Recognize data structures, get to the bottom of performance issues, and provide code samples to better contextualize your support needs.

Optimize collaboration and production velocity

Access the Unity Cloud platform of connected products and services that help studios adapt to the changing landscape and growing complexity of game development.

Increase your project build efficiency

Scale your on-premises build capacity on dedicated network hardware using Unity Build Server licenses. Increase efficiency and free up workstations with floating licenses for your team to build projects as often as they need.

Lock in three years of updates and fixes

Develop with a stable and dependable LTS version of Unity for up to three years of regular bug fixes and platform updates, without needing to upgrade. That’s an extra year of support, available for Unity 2021 LTS projects and later. 

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Why Unity

Unity empowers creators of all sizes to successfully realize their vision building real-time 3D and 2D experiences. A comprehensive set of software solutions supports them through the entire development lifecycle as they build, run, and grow immersive, real-time content for mobile phones, tablets, PCs, consoles, and augmented and virtual reality devices.

Introducing Unity Cloud

Unity Cloud is an ecosystem of products and services that makes work on real-time 3D experiences more creator-focused, accessible, and connected.

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Unity DevOps

Access powerful, flexible source code management and automate multiplatform builds in the cloud with Unity DevOps CI/CD solutions: Unity Version Control and Unity Build Automation. One seat of Unity DevOps per Enterprise seat.

Unity Asset Manager

An extensible, cloud-based digital asset management solution specializing in robust 3D asset management to increase discoverability, reuse, and ROI of content across your studio. 120 GB of cloud storage per Enterprise seat.

Team Administration

Secure your projects, manage teams, access, and payments - all in one place. Provide admins with custom role-based permissioning, solution provisioning, and payments with centralized Team Administration and SSO.

Beyond gaming

Unity’s real-time 3D development platform and solutions for industries can help your teams streamline workflows, improve efficiency, and create world-class experiences.

Unity Industry

For customers in industries like automotive, manufacturing, government, architecture, energy, and retail, Unity Enterprise is available exclusively as part of Unity Industry.

Artistry tools

Access a complete toolchain for 3D creation, simulation, and rendering, for any size of production across game and film.

Custom solutions

Enterprise plans unlock your access to custom solution options that support your organization’s creative, technical, and business goals. Together, we can design the right solution for your studio’s unique needs.

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between Unity Pro and Unity Enterprise?

Unity Enterprise provides access to expert engineering support, source code access, and extended Long Term Support (LTS) for teams of any size. Gain enterprise-level technical support and guidance, empower your team to optimize their code, and maximize your build times.

Is there a revenue or funding limit for Unity Enterprise customers?

No, anyone can purchase Unity Enterprise licenses.

What is Unity Build Server, and how many extra build server licenses do I receive?

Unity Build Server is a floating licensing solution to offload project builds to on-prem network hardware, empowering teams to iterate faster. 20 Unity Enterprise seats come with 10 Unity Build Server licenses, and five additional Build Server licenses are included with every 20 additional Enterprise seats up to a maximum of 30 Build Server licenses. Additional Unity Build Server licenses are available for purchase.

Does my team own the content we create with Unity Enterprise?

Yes. You fully own the content you create with Unity, even if you cancel your subscription.

Can I upgrade to Unity Enterprise in the middle of a Unity Pro commitment term?

Yes, current Pro subscribers can upgrade during a Pro subscription. Upgrades can be completed from your Unity ID. Please note a new annual commitment is required to upgrade to Unity Enterprise.

Can I mix and match Unity Pro and Unity Enterprise seats together?

No. Mixing or co-mingling Unity Pro and Unity Enterprise is not permitted per the Unity Terms of Service. All seats for an entity must be of the same subscription plan.

Can I cancel my subscription before the end of my commitment period?

There is no cancellation policy or reimbursement for a subscription. Once you commit to a subscription, you are obligated to pay all monthly payments owing.

Can I downgrade to Unity Pro in the middle of a Unity Enterprise commitment term?

No. Downgrades during a commitment period not available. You can switch to a Unity Pro subscription at the end of a Unity Enterprise subscription term.

How do I get access to technical support and the learning benefits that are included with Unity Enterprise?

Your Partner Advisor or Partner Relations Manager will introduce themselves by email after your purchase is complete to help you get started and take advantage of the technical support and learning benefits. All Unity Enterprise subscribers can also get in touch with their Advisor via the Unity Success Hub, which provides regularly updated technical and creative resources.

I have other questions about Unity. Where can I find more info?

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