Future creators, start here on your path to a career within the real-time 3D ecosystem. Test your foundational Unity and C# programming skills, and tell the world that you’re ready to create games and apps in Unity.

Designed for Unity beginners

This certification is designed for future developers who want to create their own game or apps, or plan to attend a postsecondary program in game development, STEM, or animation.  

You may be preparing for an internship in programming, Unity development, quality assurance, or a career requiring interactive content creation, and you’re ready to prove that you’ve conquered Unity’s foundational capabilities and functions.


  • Can build your own projects using C# in Unity
  • Adept at navigating the Unity interface and interpreting basics of the API
  • Confident iterating with prototypes, debugging, and solving programming challenges
  • Capable of creating and programming a function state machine
What’s on the exam?

You can expect to see questions across these topics:

  • Debugging, problem-solving, and interpreting the API 
  • Creating code
  • Evaluating code
  • Navigating the interface

Download the full list of what’s covered on the exam for “Unity Certified User” here.

Learn and practice

You can prepare to pass this certification with any of the following: 

The courseware is an extensive and robust guide that will teach you C# through hands-on projects. It consists of 88 videos (approximately 20 hours to complete), 3 distinct Unity projects, and embedded challenges and quizzes to reinforce your learning. 

Create with Code 
Learn to program in C# and create prototypes, tackle programming challenges, and develop your own personal project, transforming you from an absolute beginner to a capable Unity developer.

Practice Test
Prepare to take your exam with an official practice test from our partners at Certiport.

Get Certified

If you’re a school or bulk purchaser, please contact our sales team at Certiport, our testing partner. Individuals may purchase the exam here.

Explore Certifications

Find the right certification to meet your needs. Check out Unity’s full suite of Certifications across four difficulty levels and specialization tracks ranging from Programmer to Artist.

High school and Unity beginners

Entry-level certification validates your foundational skills in Unity and ability to create interactive, real-time 3D experiences.

Certified User: Programmer (this Certification)

Certified User: Artist (coming December 2020)

Certified User: VR Developer (coming December 2020)

Post-secondary and aspiring professionals

Stand out from the crowd with a certification designed for creators with a portfolio of Unity projects ready to apply for their first professional Unity role.

Certified Associate: Game Developer

Certified Associate: Programmer (coming February 2021)

Certified Associate: Artist (coming February 2021)

2–4 years of Unity work experience

Continue growing your skills with a certification that highlights your readiness for your next professional challenge.

Certified Professional: Programmer

Certified Professional: Artist


5+ years of Unity work experience

Validate your expert-level skills and mastery of advanced Unity concepts. 

Certified Expert: Technical Artist in Shading & Effects

Certified Expert: Technical Artist in Rigging & Animation

Certified Expert: Programmer (coming September 2020)

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