Invalid Activity Policy

Last updated: June 23, 2021

Publishers must comply with all of the following:

Publishers of Applications may not use or benefit from any artificial, fraudulent, deceptive or other means to simulate, manipulate or increase impressions, views, taps, clicks, downloads, installs or any other interactions not arising from actual End-User interest in the Ad (“Invalid Activity”).

Invalid Activity includes, but is not limited to, engaging in, facilitating, or benefiting from any of the following activities:

  • running of “robots”, “spiders” or other automated computer generated requests;
  • encouraging or incentivizing views, taps, clicks, downloads, installs or other End-User actions in connection with Ads other than in strict compliance with the Rewarded Inventory Policy;
  • using a design in an Application that encourages or is likely to lead to Invalid Activity or other unintended or accidental Ad interactions, including using an Ad placements which violate the Placement Policy;
  • manipulating or misrepresenting device ids, device specifications, geolocation, header information or other information (including Invalid Activity arising from the spoofing of an application);
  • manipulating or hijacking an End-User’s device;
  • automatically refreshing Ads;
  • encouraging repeated views, taps, clicks, downloads, installs or other End-User actions in connection with the same Ad or series of Ads;
  • generating traffic from recognized proxy IPs;
  • generating traffic from applications which are unapproved VPN applications;
  • generating traffic from applications whose traffic appears like botnet traffic (i.e., remotely controlled computers/phones);
  • generating traffic from applications which violates the Content Policy;
  • manually clicking on Ads by publisher’s employees or agents outside of limited, customary Application testing, or otherwise installs or other Ad engagement that appear to be coming from the publisher themselves;
  • abnormal timing in Ad surfacing or Ad engagement events (e.g., abnormal timing associated with starts to installs); or
  • any other action or behavior which serves to artificially or fraudulently increase an advertiser’s costs or a publisher’s earnings.

For clarity, Invalid Activity includes both intentional and/or fraudulent traffic, as well as accidental traffic generated by publishers or End-Users.

The determination of what constitutes Invalid Activity under this policy will be made in Unity’s sole discretion.