Unity 5.2.0 Beta 3

Select the runtime platforms of your choice from the list below (the desktop runtime is included as standard) or, to install the full complement of runtime platforms, use the download assistant installer above.

Windows (X86-64)

macOS (X86-64)

Known Issues

  • Connect: Home/Connect Window: Network Reliability issues on bad networks
  • Connect: After multiple sign-in / sign-off user will have to sign twice to get access to connect again
  • UnityAds: 'Go to Dashboard' link navigates to incorrect url and gives the impression that the user is not logged in
  • Windows Store Apps/Windows Phone 8.1: If you're upgrading your game from 5.1 to 5.2, you might get CRC errors when loading Player Prefs, this error is harmless and might appear because in 5.1 CRC calculation algorithm was changed, but then restored back in 5.2


  • Out of the box support for Visual Studio Tools for Unity (aka UnityVS)

Backwards Compatibility Breaking Changes

  • Windows Store Apps/Windows Phone 8.1/Windows Universal Apps: Unity will generate projects in a consistent way with Visual Studio. For ex., When specifying project names with whitespaces or symbols like '-', '.', Unity will no longer strip those symbols when creating folders, note this might break existing projects if you're building on top of old directory and your project name contains one of these symbols.
  • Windows Store Apps/Windows Phone 8.1/Windows Universal Apps: Unity will properly use project name instead of hardcoded "Template" word, when creating App.xaml, App.xaml.cs, MainPage.xaml, MainPage.xaml.cs, AssemblyInfo.cs files.


  • C# Project Generation: included extensions and rootnamespace now configurable in ProjectSettings->EditorSettings
  • C# Project Generation: only one set of project files will be generated, based on what the preferred external editor is.
  • Linux: Enable experimental GL core profile mode (via -force-glcore and friends)
  • Mecanim: Added a "destructive action" prompt when deleting blend tree nodes, so that the behaviour is consistent between StateMachine and BlendTree graphs.
  • Mecanim: Clarify doc for Animator.bodyPosition and bodyRotation.
  • Mecanim: Fixing empty State Machine Behaviour after compilation error
  • Mecanim: Support Layers Affect Mass Center for AnimatorControllerPlayable.
  • Mecanim: Updated documentation for AnimatorOverrideController.
  • Playables: Improved connection API: GetInput(index), GetInputCount, ClearInputs, and more.
  • Playables: No longer necessary to create a PlayableController to play a tree of Playables. The Animator (and other DirectorPlayer) now expose new Play(Playable root) API.
  • Substance: Updated the Substance Engine libraries to Substance Designer 5.1.1 feature parity.
  • XboxOne: Improved performance for certain audio operations: converting float to PCM16 formats, mixing audio for one speaker configuration to another, and linear resampling.
  • XboxOne: Unity is now build using the June 2015 QFE 1 XDK. You will need to have this XDK installed on your PC and use the matching or a later recovery.


  • Android: Added support to create a real 16bit RGB565 backbuffer. Deprecated Handheld.use32BitDisplayBuffer
  • Android: Buildpipe - Android Libraries can now be excluded from build in the Plugin Inspector
  • Android: Buildpipe - Fixed assets folders in aar files
  • Android: Fixed ATC texture compression for RGBA textures
  • Android: Fixed bug that caused texture format RGBA4444 to be used for RGBA textures even when overriding in build settings
  • Android: Fixed performance regression in Resource.Load when calling it multiple times for the same resource
  • Asset Management: Changes to scripts are now correctly processed synchronously, fixing a range of issues with scripts relating to asset processing at import time
  • Editor: Fix scene view window still being tinted in playmode when an overlay was active.
  • Editor: Fix scene's GI is not updated after building AssetBundle or opening the same scene.
  • Editor: In play mode, tick one more frame after the editor is not active, so that the game can get a chance to respond to being paused.
  • Graphics: Fix for call to OpenGL ES API without current context when using the multi-threaded renderer
  • Graphics: Fixed issue with MaterialPropertyBlock not working with Particles.
  • IL2CPP: Fix crash when using OnCollisionEnter2D with no parameters
  • Input: Fixed touch input hanging a Windows application if a second 'touch window' is created in a plugin
  • Mecanim: Do not activate runtime State parameter on parameter rename.
  • Mecanim: Fixed crash when building AnimatorController with empty layer.
  • Mecanim: Fixed crash when importing certain FBX file.
  • Mecanim: Fixed crash when loading scene in playmode with an asset bundle containning a controller.
  • Mecanim: Fixed crash when selecting a state with a null StateMachineBehaviour due to compilation errors.
  • Mecanim: Fixed display of transition pivot curves.
  • Mecanim: Fixed performance regression for AnimationUtility.SetEditorCurve()
  • Mecanim: Fixed runtime optimize/deoptimize hierarchy of GameObject.
  • Mecanim: Fixed selection of blend tree items when multiple instances of the same motion occur in the same blend tree.
  • Mecanim: Fixed synced timing UI for additive layer.
  • Mecanim: Fixed Transition interruption in destination State ExitTime.
  • Mecanim: Removed Abstract StateMachineBehaviours from the list offered to users.
  • Merge Tool: Fix empty base/right files when falling back and used from cmdline and premerge dests are not set
  • Merge Tool: Fix merge conflict when mine and theirs have both added a component of different type to the same GameObject
  • Merge Tool: Get rid of error about non existing merge tool path after falling back to 3rd party merge tool on OSX
  • Merge Tool: Handle invalid non-unique mapping keys that Unity generates
  • OpenGL ES: Fixed blit from backbuffer into RenderTexture
  • Shuriken: Fixed various particle system bugs
  • Substance: Fix crash in standalone builds when handling BakeAndDiscard materials.
  • Substance: Fix memory leak in the Editor.
  • Substance: Fix Resources.Load() and Resources.LoadAll() not waiting for ProceduralTexture generation completion before returning.
  • Terrain: Fixed crash after baking navmesh if there are LOD trees painted.
  • Terrain: Fixed crash when reimporting a billboard asset.
  • Version Control: Allow adding a new file under the name of a deleted file even if the deletion hasn't been committet
  • Version Control: Correct overlays for assets where .meta files are out of sync with their assets
  • Version Control: Fix assets version control cache state not being updated after scene reload
  • Version Control: Fix spelling of 'check out' to be consistent
  • Version Control: Invalidate version control cache on refresh button click in versioning window
  • Version Control: Make some version control class constructors internal
  • WebGL: Fixed DXT5 decompressor which resulted in slightly imperfect textures
  • Windows Store Apps/Windows Phone: fix build when native plugin uses collection interfaces with nested generic parameters
  • Windows Store Apps: Application will correctly change its resolution when you change display resolution.
  • XboxOne: Enabling Script Only Build option will only effect platforms that allow the option.
  • XboxOne: Fixed instances where Compute Shaders would not compile.
  • XboxOne: Fixed spelling errors in ESRB ratings strings in the Player Settings.
  • XboxOne: Level and asset files are paired correctly in the auto-generated package manifest
  • XboxOne: Mono: Double traverse object count to avoid stack overflow when freeing huge amounts of objects.

The following are 5.2-only feature changes and regression fixes


  • Mecamim: Animator and AnimatorControllerPlayable share common API with IAnimatorControllerPlayable interface


  • Mecanim: Fixed a crash when an animator controller in use was is destroyed
  • Mecanim: Fixed animation importer previewer doesn't get updated when using a mask
  • Mecanim: Fixed Animator.speed not working anymore
  • Mecanim: Fixed AnimatorControllerPlayable live link
  • Mecanim: Fixed AnimatorStateInfo.speed and AnimatorStateInfo.speedMultiplier not being updated
  • Mecanim: Fixed asserts in ParameterControllerView
  • Mecanim: Fixed character going to rest pose when editing the AnimatorController in playmode
  • Mecanim: Fixed GameObject changing pose when creating AnimatorController
  • Mecanim: Fixed memory leak when using Animator.SetAnimatorController
  • Mecanim: Fixed runtime preformance regression on simple AnimatorControllers
  • WebGL: Fixed UI rendering

Third Party Notices

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