Unity 2021.2.0 Beta 4

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Known Issues in 2021.2.0b4

  • AI: Crash with ComputeTileMeshJob when generating Navmesh (1329346)

  • Asset Importers: [MacOS] Second Unity instance in Activity Monitor is "not responding” after importing (1331736)

  • Audio: Crash on AudioMixer_CUSTOM_FindSnapshot when passing null as an argument to FindSnapshot() (1341752)

  • Audio: Error is thrown when Audio Clip is selected in the Project Browser (1345239)

  • Global Illumination: Crash while sculpting Terrain and Baking Lightmaps (1266511)

  • Graphics - Analysis Tools: (Frame Debugger) Clear events constantly appear and disappear (1341163)

  • Graphics Device Backends: CommandBuffer native plugin events hang in the Editor (1308216)

  • HD RP: HDRP Template fills the Console with "Shader error...couldn't open include file" messages after building the project (1342989)

  • IL2CPP: [Mono Upgrade] Il2CPP player fails to start on Windows 7 (1340258)

  • IMGUI: Editor's Toolbar is sometimes replaced by a white bar when opening any Scene (1341951)

  • Input: Touch Input doesn't work in Play Mode when running an Editor on a Touchscreen device (1341159)

  • Linux: Editor crashes at 'GfxFramebufferGLES::SetBackBufferColorDepthSurface' or freezes when creating a new shortcut profile (1334874)

  • MacOS: Non-development macOS Standalone builds with IL2CPP scripting backend have invalid signature, causing them not to run (1348307)

  • Metal: Performance in Game View is significantly impacted by Gfx.WaitForPresentOnGfxThread when a second monitor is connected (1327408)

  • Mobile: [Android] Build fails when there are 680 or more files in the Streaming Assets folder (1272592)

  • Mobile Graphics: [iOS] Player crashing when connecting external Display via USB-C port (1321153)

  • Mono: [Mono Upgrade] MissingMethodException thrown when attempting to use IsComObject (1346334)

  • Packman: User can't easily configure location of both UPM and Asset Store package local cache (1317232)

  • Quality of Life: Crash in SerializedProperty::IsValid when reordering a SerializedProperty list (1320319)

  • Scene Management: Crash on BuildPrefabInstanceCorrespondingObjectMap when overriding nested prefab inside AssetDatabase.StartAssetEditing() block (1324978)

  • Scene Management: Recent Scenes break after upgrading project (1338322)

  • Scene Management: Redoing Apply nestee prefab crashes Editor (1348899)

  • Scene/Game View: Editor performance in the Scene View regressed drastically when multi selecting GameObjects (1329140)

  • Scripting: DomainReloadTests performance tests have regressed due to removal of built-in support for Visual Studio as a code editor (1336648)

  • Scripting: Increased Script Assembly reload time (1323490)

  • Serialization: Prefab property override blue line have disepeared from HDRP's custom passes (1348031)

  • Shader System: Pass.CompileVariant crashes the shader compiler when using a target platform that is not installed (1348875)

  • UI Toolkit: [Shadergraph] "Transform" node no longer appears in searcher when typed (1344825)

  • Video: Video player fails to start playing and null handle errors are thrown when running Unity Editor/Build with specific hardware (1237818)

  • Vulkan: Linux Editor using Vulkan crashes at " GfxDeviceVK::EnsureValidBackbuffer" when showing tooltips for ProBuilder buttons (1335846)

  • WebGL: Build fails with .emscripten permission errors (1345412)

  • WebGL: WebGL fails building on Windows 7 (1340260)

  • Windows: Editor crashes when exiting and keeping a tutorial project (1338299)

New 2021.2.0b4 Entries since 2021.2.0b3


  • Android: Users can include custom asset packs into the build, by adding assets to the directory ending with '.androidpack'.

  • Android: When building Android App Bundle with Split App Binary enabled, Unity will create asset packs.


  • Scripting: The Managed Stripping Level for new projects when targeting the IL2CPP backend will be Minimal.

  • UI Toolkit: Using a Texture with invalid settings as a Cursor will now log a warning. (1340519)
    First seen in 2021.2.0a20.

  • Virtual Texturing: Tile requests are now returned via PopRequests more frequently.

  • Virtual Texturing: InvalidateRegion calls now generate new tile requests in their "importance" order. The importance is defined as a combination of the tile's screen space size and the the number of frames since the tile has been requested. This makes completing tile requests contribute more to the rendering result when InvalidateRegion is called continuously.

API Changes

  • Android: Added: New APIs to manage fast-follow and on-demand delivered asset packs. The APIs wrap Google's PlayCore functionality.

  • Graphics: Added: Added new API to replace the use cases of the ShadowAuto, DepthAuto and VideoAuto GraphicsFormat enum members (which will be deprecated in the future).


  • Android: Android Gradle Plugin version upgraded from 3.6.0 to 4.0.1.

  • Android: Gradle version upgraded from 5.6.4 to 6.1.1.

  • Editor: UI widget used for Light Cookies from the standard Property Field to the ObjectField that provides texture preview and asset directory search capabilities, across HDRP and built-in.

  • Package: (Recorder) Prevent invalid GPU callback data from being written to a frame: this change skips the problematic frame and logs an error message.

  • Timeline: Updated Timeline package version to 1.6.1

  • Virtual Texturing: Now PopRequests allows the destination list to have a different size than the texture stack's maxActiveRequests value.


  • Android: Fixed Android build failures due to unsupported manifest features when targeting API 23 or below. (1340517)

  • Android: Fixed crash caused by uncaught "java.lang.IllegalStateException: The specified child already has a parent" that mainly affects Android 7.x. (1347211)

  • Android: Fixed Patch / Patch and Run buttons not being greyed out for having Visual Studio as set build system. (1341832)
    First seen in 2021.2.0a19.

  • Android: Returned ability to change Android orientation via scripts. (1330535)

  • Asset Pipeline: Fixed an issue where AssetDatabase.SaveAssetIfDirty() wouldn't save the asset if a sub-object was dirty, but the main object wasn't. (1341834)

  • Consoles: Fixed ArgumentOutOfRange Exception when selecting a Console log with long strings. (1340915)

  • Editor: Fixed an issue where input events are not always captured by the game view when target frame rate is set. (1331894)
    First seen in 2021.2.0a2.

  • Editor: Fixed Command+Backspace not deleting elements from reorderable arrays. (1329602)
    This has already been backported to older releases and will not be mentioned in final notes.

  • Editor: Only one click is necessary to interact with game objects in play mode when clicking between multiple game views. (1327556)
    This has already been backported to older releases and will not be mentioned in final notes.

  • GI: Fixed an issue where lightmap references would be lost when entering playmode after the scene is saved. (1339841)
    First seen in 2021.2.0.

  • GI: Fixed reflection probes weight on flat objects. (1233991)
    This has already been backported to older releases and will not be mentioned in final notes.

  • Graphics: Fixed assertion failure when releasing rendererlists in certain scenes. (1342215)

  • Graphics: NVIDIA package no longer gets enabled when a project is updated to a new version of unity. This was the result of a bad configuration. (1342012)

  • Linux: Fixed Linux player log missed. (1340899)
    First seen in 2021.2.0a20.

  • Multiplayer: Marked uNET HLAPI as deprecated.

  • Package: (Recorder) Do not perform the color space conversion from linear to sRGB for RenderTextures that are already sRGB.

  • Package: (Recorder) Ensured that the color space conversion from sRGB to linear is performed when required for EXR files

  • Package: (Recorder) Fixed an exception that occurred when sending a RenderTexture to a Recorder before creating this RenderTexture.

  • Package: (Recorder) Fixed issues with the Recorder samples about synchronizing multiple recordings and resetting the Game view resolution.

  • Physics: Add fallback behaviour to Rigidbody2D when inactive for converting local/world space point/vector. (1344115)
    This has already been backported to older releases and will not be mentioned in final notes.

  • Physics: Ensure that the CustomCollider2D uses the Collider2D.offset property to offset its PhysicsShape2D. (1344958)
    First seen in 2021.2.0.

  • Physics: Ensure that the SurfaceEffector2D doesn't interact with 2D Trigger Colliders. (1337537)
    This has already been backported to older releases and will not be mentioned in final notes.

  • Physics: Physics2D.SetLayerCollisionMask now correctly updates all layers that have changed. (1345964)
    This has already been backported to older releases and will not be mentioned in final notes.

  • Scene/Game View: Fixed for IMGUI content not being displaced by overlay toolbars. (1339990)

  • Scene/Game View: Fixed regarding the Orientation Gizmo which visibility changed since overlays. (1340523)
    First seen in 2021.2.0.

  • Scene/Game View: Fixing Overlay positions on SceneView resize. (1341038)

  • Scene/Game View: Updating the icons visuals in the Scene view overlays to fit the original design. (1341004)
    First seen in 2021.2.0.

  • UI Toolkit: On Windows, the position obtained by the mouse event callbacks is as expected while the mouse is outside of the view even if the mouse down was applied while a temporary window such as a pulldown menu was already opened. (1324369)

  • Undo System: Reduced register undo log. (1342970)

  • Virtual Texturing: Completed requests now won't be incorrectly canceled if the last InvalidateRegion call is made before PopRequests.

  • WebGL: Enabled the URP feature SRP Batcher for WebGL 2. (1344614)

  • WebGL: Fixed playback of videos on iOS. (1288692)
    This has already been backported to older releases and will not be mentioned in final notes.

  • XR: Updated OpenXR package to 1.2.3.


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