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Welcome, SyncSketch!
Nov 30, 2021|3 Min
Welcome, SyncSketch!

Unity has acquired SyncSketch, the creator of synchronized real-time collaboration tools that allow users across the world to work together from anywhere.

We are on a mission to enable creativity anywhere and on any device. We believe that it should be effortless for people to invent, share, understand, and build on great ideas together. That’s why we’re so proud to announce that the SyncSketch team is joining Unity.

SyncSketch creates intuitive collaboration tools that allow teams to seamlessly communicate, give feedback, and contribute to creative projects - in real-time. With SyncSketch, creative collaboration is just a URL-share away. Like Parsec, the remote access platform recently acquired by Unity, SyncSketch makes it easier for creatives to collaborate and work from anywhere. Like Weta Digital, they are laser-focused on serving artists. With this acquisition, we are doubling down on productivity tools for the Unity creator community.

Collaborating seamlessly

Creators expect to be able to work from anywhere on any device. We’ve gone from linear, five-day workweeks in the office to distributed, asynchronous work as the new normal. In that time, creators across industries have invented new workflows that help them design buildings, share designs, create movies, release games, and much more.

SyncSketch helps artists, animators, VFX professionals, students, and creators of all types to communicate in real-time and collaborate around their work.

SyncSketch supports 2D imagery, video, and much more. But it also shines with 3D models. Users can easily rotate 3D assets, change the lighting, markup with notes, and share feedback notes in real-time. The platform facilitates natural visual communication that lets creators focus on what they’re making rather than where they’re making it.

Founded by artists, for artists

SyncSketch’s products were created by incredible artists and technologists turned entrepreneurs. Bernhard Haux, CEO of SyncSketch, has worn many hats in over 25 years in the VFX, animation and real-time industries. As an artist, in the last decade alone, Bernhard contributed to five Academy Award-winning movies at PIXAR and several acclaimed real-time projects, two of which won Emmy Awards. His work and vision for SyncSketch has always been in the sweet spot between art and technology.

Phil Floetotto, SyncSketch’s CTO, is a veteran engineer and artist with over 16 years of experience creating pipeline tools for major visual effects studios. He devised PIXAR's internal production management tool used for planning, scheduling and tracking every task across all of the studio’s productions. His background as a VFX artist gives him a unique understanding of the creative process and enables him to craft intuitive solutions that allow creators to fully focus on their art.

"Both Unity and SyncSketch have always been focused on empowering creators. It's at the heart of what we do. By combining our technology and talent, we will continue to define the way creators will want to work and communicate, from anywhere in the world." - Bernhard Haux, CEO of SyncSketch

Head to syncsketch.com to learn more. And if you’re interested in trying out SyncSketch for your own creative projects, get in touch with your Unity account rep.