Unity Pulse 社区旨在促进 Unity 的发展完善

提供意见或建议,帮助塑造 Unity 的未来 - 立即注册 Unity Pulse。


Unity Pulse 是我们推出的全新在线反馈社区,在这里,你有机会直接与 Unity 产品团队联系,了解尚未公开的产品概念,针对我们的测试版提供反馈,以帮助我们为你制作出色的产品。

你关于产品功能的经验和见解对于塑造 Unity 的未来至关重要。作为 Unity Pulse 的一员,你可以:

  • 与我们一起塑造 Unity 的未来
  • 与我们合作,就早期功能和原型提供反馈
  • 以封闭小组的形式与 Unity 产品团队联系
  • 投票、调查、讨论和意见分享板、虚拟圆桌会议等
  • 参与某些活动可获得积分,积分可用于兑换奖励

Shape the future of Unity with us

Your experiences and insight into product features are vital to shaping Unity’s future. As a member of Unity Pulse, you can:

Engage with us to give feedback on early features and prototypes
Connect in closed groups with Unity product teams
Take part in polls, surveys, discussions, idea boards, virtual roundtables, and more
Get points for participating in certain activities and redeem them for rewards


Unity Pulse 的目标是建立集中的用户反馈渠道。我们即将成立咨询小组,如果你想继续提供反馈,请注册 Unity Pulse。我们会将 Beta 版测试的部分反馈机会转移到 Unity Pulse 中。你仍有机会通过 Unity 网站的其他部分(包括论坛)提供见解和经验。

无论是新用户还是老用户,无论用户从事何种行业、使用何种 Unity 产品或服务,我们都希望与其一起交流和学习。我们非常珍视你的反馈,感谢你与 Unity Pulse 社区分享想法。

如果你以前从未加入我们的反馈社区,请立即注册 Unity Pulse。

Participate and get rewards

Certain feedback activities may be eligible for points, which can be redeemed for rewards (government officials are not eligible). For more information about our rewards program, see Unity Pulse Additional Terms. Your feedback may also give you access to Unity product managers to help improve Unity.

Frequently asked questions

Who can participate?

We are looking for individuals with all levels of experience: from those who’ve just discovered Unity to super users – and everyone in-between. Check out the Unity Pulse Additional Terms for full eligibility criteria.

How do I join?

To join, all you need to do is sign up here.

You’ll receive a welcome email and then will be asked to fill out an initial survey to build out your Unity Pulse profile so that we can send you feedback opportunities that match your experiences and interests.

How will you obtain and use my input?

Based on your profile, we may invite you to discuss a variety of Unity topics in formats such as interviews, event roundtables, focus groups or online surveys. You may have direct access to Unity product managers and your input and feedback will help shape decisions on the future of Unity.

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