Unity X ironSource

Unity and ironSource have joined forces to bring developers a variety of options and tools for monetizing and mediating networks in your game.

ironSource LevelPlay is now Unity LevelPlay


Unity LevelPlay offers developers a robust solution for managing and optimizing the entire monetization ad stack and growing your app business. Simply integrate the ironSource SDK and profit from an industry leading mediation suite to help you earn the most from each impression. You’ll get a consolidated dashboard of your revenue and performance in real time, and a suite of growth solutions including A/B testing, segmentation, cross promotion, and more.


Unity Mediation to LevelPlay migration support

On October 1, 2023 we will end support for Unity Mediation and ad serving will be discontinued. Please migrate to Unity LevelPlay as soon as possible to increase your revenue opportunities and save time managing your mediation strategy. Migrate all necessary information with ease by using the Unity Mediation to Unity LevelPlay migration tool. In four simple steps you can migrate waterfall items to LevelPlay and implement the ironSource SDK.

Move quickly between LevelPlay and Unity Ads placements

Navigate back and forth between Unity and ironSource’s dashboards while staying in the same project. Copy your network placement (or instance) IDs into Unity LevelPlay mediation and save time managing your monetization stack.



Getting started with Unity LevelPlay


Follow the technical documentation guides available on the ironSource Knowledge Center to get started with Unity LevelPlay.

Frequently asked questions

I am currently using Unity Mediation. Do I need to do anything?

On October 1, 2023 Unity will no longer support Unity Mediation and will stop serving ad requests. We recommend Unity Mediation customers migrate to LevelPlay to see if it’s a fit for their goals. Please use the technical documentation or the step-by-step video tutorial to migrate to LevelPlay in four easy steps.

Should I continue to use both the Unity Ads and the ironSource networks?

Yes. Both of the networks have unique advantages including different bidding technologies, and supply and demand access. We recommend using both Unity Ads and the ironSource Ad Networks in Unity LevelPlay.

What user acquisition solution should I use?

Both Unity and ironSource offer different solutions for user acquisition, each with their own benefits. Please consult with your Unity or ironSource representative to understand what goals you are aiming to achieve and they can advise on the best solution.

I have more questions or need technical support migrating to Unity LevelPlay:

Please use the technical documentation and step-by-step video tutorial to migrate to Unity LevelPlay. If you are currently a Unity Ads customer, reach out to your Unity representative for more information. If you have technical questions or a support issue, please submit a ticket here.

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